Writing a great Story

Making a great story

There are three parts to written stories: A narrative arc is a good way to visualize the development of a story. Understanding history is the key to writing great scripts and novels. So I appreciated this illustration about unconventional storytelling by Tom Gauld: Differentiate between different viewpoints to determine which one is best suited to your story.

Selling everything

It' simpler to market a medium sized item with a great story than a great item with a medium sized story that the customer skips. Buying on line is an all-time high, and if consumers can't see or sense your products, it's more important than ever to captivate them with a stunning narrative.

It is better yet - ?capture their heart with a story. Today it is the norm for most businesses to have a history as a trademark. Well, I could be lyric about the advantages of a great story. We will concentrate on one thing: the use of history to market single items. A great thing about story telling to sale your wares is that it will force you to take a back footstep and really think about the WHO you are marketing.

Finally, how can you ever be succesful at marketing if you have not even defied who you are trying to sell to? Which is the best way to find out about your clients? When you have a customer mailing lists, please e-mail them some useful information and then ask them nicely to respond to some specific queries and explain the benefits (i.e. you can give them more of what they want).

Using Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest as a sales instrument is a great way to communicate and connect with your clients through these channels. Think of your clients as human beings instead of user. After you have done this (and it can often take a while), you should have a better understanding of what you can do to reach your targeted group.

What do your clients think of themselves? Which kind of story would you like to think of as part of it? Which languages do your clients use? Do you want to give your clients the feeling when they are reading your description? Phrases that are so brief and crisp that you get nervous?

Usually the length of a descriptive text is between 50 and 250 char. Better still, it probably only took a few moments to post, so you can just drop it now and type a short text for your next one. It' also just another'me-too' item. You fall into the case that many people, before you fall into the traps, describe your products instead of sell them.

They can' t touch or try on the footage to see what it looks like. Not even contained in the general descriptions. It' all about history. Anybody can tell a story. It' making you think you're something really big. We all want to have a very strong feeling. This makes the instrument soundeffect.

It is easy to incorporate the detailed information into the story. In the first half of the story the colour and design of the gown is described. What's great about description products is that they can be ageless. In contrast to a blogs entry that gradually becomes "new" over the course of the years, description of the products are there to remain as long as your products are offered for purchase.

So many times do you think J. Peterman has rewritten her description? It' still a good way to keep changing the description often so you can always be one step ahead of the pack and find out what has the highest convs. It' a fresh way to write your own promotional e-mails, where you need to write a new, fresh and imaginative e-mail to your customers every weekend.

When you are not sure, please send us a few designs for each one. Attempting and making mistakes is all part of teaching you to tell a great story. And if you finally choose that it doesn't work for your own software, you'll find useful information about your clients. Tales make us communicate with other people like nothing else.

One of your greatest strengths will be to learn, tell great tales and adjust them to different circumstances.

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