Writing a Children's Picture Book for the first Time

Write a children's picture book for the first time

Think of your book as a haiku. Don't make it stupid - and think like a storyteller. Carefully illustrate (or outsource). It'?s hard to write a good picture book.

You need time, talent and patience.

Advice on writing children's literature

Somebody recently asked me on Twitter if we had any advice on writing for kids. In this article I covered the whole way of writing for kids vs writing for grown-ups. There is a diary about writing picture-book rhymes. There is one about writing picture-book against writing applications.

Here are my tips: If you have a kid in your head, use it. You probably won't be good at posting for them if you don't know any kids (you don't have to be a teacher or parents, but both ways of dealing with kids help). I used to be a BRILLIANT when assessing the age of kids, but last night I thought a 14-month-old man was seven moths old.

When you have a preschooler of your own, don't make that error. But I don't want to shower on your march, but be real about how much cash you're likely to make. There are, of course, those who win the big prize, but most don't. Don't pretend until you've really spelled something.

It'?s not a book. When you contact a publishing house or agents, please adhere to the submissions policy (here are ours), and don't be fooled by how long it might take for a publishing house or agents to return to you: your first obligation is to contact their current writers.

I' m asking other folks in the bureau what their clues were. As Tom says: "Have a clear vision of who you write for". Adian says: "Never speak to children". You will find many textbooks and web sites that provide useful information. There are two known to me: Guide-to-Publishing Children's Block de Harold Underdown, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Block.

Both the Writer's Handbook and The Children's Writer's And Artist's Yearbook are useful, although they have a rather British emphasis. When you write a children's book or remember to write one, good fortune! Have you got any hints you would like to tell us?

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