Writing a Book with no Experience

Write a book without experience

You see, I had absolutely no interest in writing. It' a book full of stray dogs and strange musicians, lonely children and lonely adults. Selling a book idea is not as difficult as many people think. Fiction is one last art form - you write a book and that's it. This website uses cookies to give you a better experience.

What's the best way to start a bestselling book at Amazon without an audience or previous knowledge?

No need for a large public or years of expertise to get a bestselling volume on Amazon. Last April I employed a firm to help me create, release and promote an Amazon best-seller to strengthen my standing in developing my brands and sell. Since then I have learnt that fraudulent publications are widespread, and many other writers have been harassed and exploited.

I' m Gregory Diehl, and today I'm the writer of two Amazon best-sellers in the small business and solo travel category, despite my rough debut in the publisher world. I' d like to be able to join you in the errors I've made and the lesson I've learnt, so that you can have much more luck the next time you get started, even if you have totally no supporters, no e-mail lists and no experiences.

With $5,000 of my cash and nine month's worth of my own free play, I was no nearer my books and the vendor who was filling my mind with grand pledges was nowhere to be seen. More discouraged than ever, I felt that I would ever be able to achieve my ambitions to publish my work, let alone get the public to do so.

So I decided to assert myself and what I would have to do to turn the design I had for the work into something worth publishing, and finally Amazon's best-selling state. Launched in May this year, the best-selling Brand Identity Breakthrough reached best-seller standing when it was pre-ordered at Amazon.

I released my second volume, Travelling As Transformation, five month later in the Travelling and Individual Growth series. I would like to tell you what I have learnt from all this and how even someone without the right skills, without an public and with few resources can become a bestseller writer, as long as he has something of value to say and is willing to contribute his work.

I think that the simple part is to write the real contents. To write a 30,000 to 60,000 dictionary, which is characteristic of non-fiction like mine, was not as demanding for me as it was to publish and sell it. One of the most tricky parts of the write cycle for me was the ability to organise everything.

For me it is often the case that I simply want to communicate too much in the context of what I write. That' s why I learnt that it is important to work with a trustworthy crew of betatakers right from the first draft of my work.

Since I didn't have my own supporters or audiences to promote them, I knew I had to reach the right audiences for Brand Identity Breakthrough while I was still at it. I' ve been spending a great deal of my free reviews, getting reviews from someone about my idea for the product, and attracting betas.

It was much simpler with the new volume entitled Travelling As Transformation, as I was already a credible bestseller-writer. It was also taken directly from my own one-of-a-kind experience in 45 different cultures over the last 10 years, so I think even total strangers interested in travelling and developing have enjoyed reading my work.

On this occasion, the print to "prove" myself to prospective audiences was much less than with the branded album. Well, there weren't any other ledgers that offered the same. When I used this as a benchmark, I was very happy to see that immediately after finishing my free KDP promotional work on the volume, I finished first in the solo travel pay pile and displaced Pray Love from first place.

The KDP free sponsorships have been essential to get a large audience for both my books now. If you are not sure how to get your Kindle device to a large group of users, you should not hesitate to buy a new product without a review from a totally unfamiliar writer, so a strategic sponsored free online meeting is the eplcc. way to get your product on the Kindle device.

On the first of the free promotions I had about 3,000 free underwritings. Identity Breakthrough achieved first place for free book in the Entrepreneurship & Small Business and Marketing & Sales category, while Travel As Transformation was number one for the entire spirituality (but was displaced to second place by Mark Twain's Live On The Mississippi).

It' ranked 60th in all the free Kindle literature in a row! It was very helpful to me that I crossed it with a free promotional offer for my first volume, which had over 100 good readings by then. In addition to the usual list promotions such as Bookbub and FreeBooksy, a former Nomad Capitalist associate has added them to her dayly newsletters because their services are also aimed at eternal people.

In order to make sure that I have continuous selling for both of them, I have made it a custom to get so many blog posts, podcasts and other releases that would find the topics I am writing about interesting. I' ve had to deliver a constant stream of new visitors to the Amazon sites, even after having had the hassle of getting a considerable number of early shoppers and evaluators as evidence.

So I started to experiment with Amazon's Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising option to keep your site constant in terms of volume and sell. The one thing that perhaps more than anything else amazed me is how succesful the sound copies of the work were. So I took the liberty of telling the story of both volumes myself because I had some exposure and wanted the reader to associate with my own voices.

I' ve got almost as much cash on sound as I have from the Kindle version, even with less turnover (because the talking book has a higher point price). For other writers, I suggest that they take the effort to release sound copies of their book as early as possible in the design cycle.

Anybody with enough clout can make a new volume stand out, at least for the time being. This means you have to make a really good script and it has to be very different from what is already available. But I think my textbooks have kept up in the ranking and even Gary Vaynerchuck and Eckhart have overtaken Tolle because enough folks find my vocal appeal in a particular way.

It' s very heartening for me to keep producing and publishing textbooks now that I've found out how the Amazon work. I' ve even taken it upon myself to help others in different branches to do the same to bring out their names and voices with their own textbooks and on-line classes.

In the next few years I am planning to publish at least 10 related novels. If you ignore the cash from the sale of your accounts, which was very good, the increase in your image alone was of inestimable value. I strongly suggest to anyone else who has a substantial statement to publish a work.

He' s been living and working in 45 different cultures and offers simple ways to develop unique identity. He' s the writer of two Amazon best-sellers for businesses, travelling and profound private development:

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