Writing a Book to be Published


Now I am confident enough to write a book and publish it. published. This is often a cheaper option for self-published books than a print run of hundreds or thousands of books. Many writers, if they can't publish their first novel, put it in a drawer and write a second one.

Write on Wattpad versus publish "real" textbooks

Writer in Residence Taran Matharu tells us what it's like to go from being a web sensational to a best-selling writer - and how they are both great but different ways to publish your stories. In November 2013, at the tender of 22, I started to write on Wattpad, an application, a website and a charity website, sometimes referred to as "YouTube of books".

When I was introduced by NBC News, I got unwanted interest from editors and soon afterwards from six of them. It was finally divested to Hachette Children's Journals, and all three of The Summoner's titles became New York Times best-sellers. So I was on both sides of the old and the new fences and thought it might be interesting to think about the two.

WATPAD is a socially responsible networking place for authors who publish their story on-line and receive immediate feedbacks and encouragements from the reader. It is an over- overwhelming fellowship; the commentaries on your letter range from a mere "I used to love it" to a chapter-by-chapter review of the letter and the topics. Realtime feed-back allows an author to study, adjust and enhance while he writes in a very unique way, while at the same tweaking the typing process from a lonely to a socially responsible one.

REVIEW is the usual way of giving feedbacks for conventional literature, unless you are counting fan mail that you also get on Wattpad. Review takes place after completion of the volume. Wattpad sometimes limits an author's communications when he communicates with his reader. However, personal messaging can be sent to anyone and allow for greater profundity of conversations, and there are discussion boards to connect with like-minded souls.

Authors can also reply directly to commentaries on their story and even have a chat there. Most authors in conventional publishers use Twitter to stay in contact with blogs, critics, fans and publishers, at least on a societal level. You can measure Wattpad's performance by the very published statistics that appear next to your books, showing the number of readings of your album.

If you are an editor, the commentary and commentary could be anything you need, as well as the simplicity of knowing that your work is enjoyed by tens, perhaps even hundreds, even hundreds of million individuals around the globe. However, the feeling of success is restricted and the monetary reward is not available: important if you have to make a livelihood.

I' ve had a million readings when a traditonal publishers collected my novel "The Beginner". Since I was getting the money to pay for my work, I could do it. And to be publicised in the tradition also means that I was recognised by "the professionals". Not only was I loved, or happy, or the best there was on Wattpad.

In all honesty, the folks who know what they were saying said my script was upright. And there was the undeniable fact that my books would be in the stores. I' had a crew behind me, guys who liked my novel as much as I did. After all, there was the general awareness of me as a novelist.

Whenever someone asks me what I do and I say "author", I always have the feeling that they try to find out whether I am a "real" or just "play with him". Do you think I'm out of work and constantly working on a novel that will never see the light shed? If you say you are writing on Wattpad, many in the literature will not consider you a "real" writer, no difference how many times you have achieved with your history - which is often more than you can achieve through tradition.

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