Writing a Book Series

Write a series of books

Here you will find the complete Elements of Fiction Writing book series in the order given. It is no secret that writing your books in a series is an effective way to build a reader base. The Memoir Writing Books Series teaches you just in time how to master your challenges at a certain stage of writing. It' s been ages since I added an entry to this "How I Write a Book" series. I've really written a book in the meantime.

Write a series: To be Avoided Continuation Problems

When you want to build a writing careers that will last for years and provide a reasonable salary, it is a good way to do so. Both baronesses have countless titles of honour and together they have written over 100 volumes.

You are an outstanding example for the up-and-coming writer who is aiming for a long-term writing careers. Thinking about the books I wanted to compose, I also depended on the James Rollins' Sigma Force novel and James Bond and Lee Child's Jack Reacher for various facets of serial writing.

I' ve written Pentecost with a series in my minds, but I couldn't avoid some of the continuing problems I'm now faced with the second book of the series, Prophecy. Thought I knew my personalities well, but when it came to writing and creating sequences in Prophecy, I realised that I couldn't recall certain things.

I' ve had coarse remarks about writing Pentecost, but no formal pages to heed. I' ve re-read Pentecost and copied parts of the book into different pages per characters and used them as a guideline for the prophecy, so that these pages now serve as pages of characters that I will be adding for the next book.

There is always one thing about serials that sets the stage again. You' ll need to describe the character or part of the basic plot in the following book if folks begin to study it first. While I think that each book should be a separate book and should also be able to be reread in that order, it is difficult to know what to reiterate and also how to formulate it without repeating it.

ANKANE is uniform in all ledgers. While writing a book we are cutting out many different parts and foreign materials. Since Whitsun was my first novel, I had so much original and research as well as many new writings and adaptations. As I approached the prophecy I found out that I could not really recall what I had taken up in the book and what was still in my mind or on thrown away passage of which the readers of course knew nothing.

All you have to do is reread the first book (or the whole series again if you continue). Had to say that I was very frightened to reread Pentecost and wondered if I would get excited and want to re-write it instead! I' m still really excited about the book and I've been refreshing my memories of the detail.

Reckon I didn't consider the book series' futures when Joel Friedlander and I were working on the Pentecost book artwork (an interesting process!) We did the best for the book itself, but we didn't really consider overall book brand-ing for later. I' m not going to remodel the Pentecost artwork because it's fantastic, but Prophecy's design involves a great deal of work to bring the different elements of the brand into harmony.

When writing a series, it's a good idea to consider a comprehensive coverage and marketing approach before you start. Every book must be an independent storyline with its own storyline, characters' sheets, etc., but the challenges of a series are also to bind the new book to the old one and to complete the open issues that hang at the end of the predecessor.

There must also be new issues to be addressed in the next book so that you can get folks to buy the next one in the series. In the ideal case one would end the whole series end to end and in fact some phantasy writers make this kind of comprehensive worldview. I would like to organize this whole thing better with the next few volumes.

I' ve always had prophecy after Pentecost, but now I have at least 5 more volumes in mind, it would be better to sketch at least a rough way through them, so that I don't end up writing this article again next year! Do the protagonists of the book or a series of titles undergo changes?

That is what I recently debated with David Baboulene, the writer of The Story Book in relation to Jack Reacher. Leew Childrens main characters do not alter, he is always the lone wolf, but others do. There' s no single arch of characters, but there are other human beings who are changing. √ĘThis is the kind of style of model that I want to succeed, but that is not gelled with most writing advice focusing on a single head-front.

That makes the quests quite tough for the protagonists and across several of them it seems as if they are superhuman. We don't want Reacher to take a bath in a whirlpool (or maybe??!), so I ended Prophecy a few week after Pentecost, but with the end of Prophecy I immediately go into the next quest with a sequence linked to the next book (working name Pharao...) The question is whether to alter the season and the ages of the character or whether to keep them like Reacher and it forever.

It' s workable with 2 volumes, but some serial authors are at 25+, so there must be a evolution - or is there? In your opinion, what are the issues and answers to writing a series of textbooks?

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