Writing a Book is Hard

It'?s hard to write a book

You want to hear a secret that skips the hard parts. Consider your design as your first design. A solid sketch and a plan for what you want to write about will make your book feel much less difficult. I haven't been published yet, but I've written a few. Anyone thinks they can - and should - write a book.

So how hard is it to compose a novel?

The first few words, the use of words and the action, will bring the book back to the shelves. That' s why it is difficult to compose a "good novel". Roman is 10-12 revrites to streamline the story). means more re-writing. boyfriend of mine).

6- Spell checking, spell checking, spell checking, spell check, grammar check and punctuation check. An author tells us that they had their work done in a professional way. refuse. So is it hard to spell a novel right? Yes, very hard.

Writing. It'?s hard.

Writing. It'?s hard. Make your second glass of espresso and take the mug to your writing table. You' ve been awakening at 6:30, making coffees, at your desks and pelting out all the thoughts that come to your mind. You write novels sometimes. Writing, full stop.

What's the point of working so hard on this inexpressible thing I can' t pronounce that name? Businesscards with a photo of your book. I' m going on a book trip. Respond to email, Facebook news, Tweets, connect with other authors, manage your website, start a blogs. And not to speak of the sale of copies of your book. If you don't write a novel, you will still think you're dark and unnoticed.

Who' ll know you've worked so hard? You all have children, get great careers that cost well, invest in condominiums and beautiful homes in beautiful neighbourhoods. In the meantime, you keep waiting in a nearby restuarant and sometimes wipe a Harvard student's throw-up out of the bath. You' ve got a full-time position and you have children, so keep trying to find free and think about your work.

You' re hating that you'd rather be writing than taking your kid to the play ground. If you are writing, you cannot focus because you know that your children will always stop you. But he doesn't like it because he wants children and you keep saying: "Let's just sit tight, let's wait" because you want to enjoy all the writing you have and he just doesn't comprehend it.

However, you do it anyway - bear your marriage problems or your finances or fall sleepy on your daily work because you have been writing all mornings. You' ll stand the coolness that bites your finger while you're shaking in front of your computer in the early mornings while the children are still out.

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