Writing a Book for Beginners

Write a book for beginners

A guide for absolute beginners to writing a book. " All their chapters are well researched and reliable. No part of the book I disagreed with. But before you take the plunge, follow the advice of those who have done it all before. This is Hayley Birch talking to the experts.

It'?s how to make a book: This is for beginners: Guide to starting your first novel

When you' re looking for a release, this is a great guide to start with. If you are an writer who has been working for years and is considering whether to publish or self-publish, this volume is still interesting to you. On the pages of "A Guide to write your first novel" you will find useful information that will show you where you can get lost in your pre-release process or where you can get better.

It is not so much about surviving this first design or even preplanning your first design, but rather about the important footsteps that come after this novel's creation and the stamina it will take to get it out there. Sometimes "A Guide" is an amusing, fun reading, sometimes provocative and thought-provoking.

The AJ gives advice on how to enhance your fiction, what to concentrate on to inspire the readers, how to increase conflicts, write with emotions and know the background stories of your character. Though not going into great depth in these topics, there is more than enough for a novice author to begin with.

Adding many additional sources outside this guide, i.e. web references and recommended books, implies that AJ Flowers is well received in relation to conventional publishing and the art of typing, as well as providing follow-up to the new work. If this is AJ's first release, don't let that make you think she doesn't know what she's about.

She did her schoolwork and has a lot of backup tools. Nowadays, I particularly appreciate the focus on the development of a writer's essays, as so often the history of the supply and qualitiy of the letter is stressed. Writers' stories are just as important as their own - it's a disgrace when an editor makes a fantastical tale of average or bad pseudo.

AJ Flowers is a self-proclaimed phantasy writer looking for representations for her first novel, but I also found her advise useful for my realist pen. Your section on Weltbau was still written in a way that was still interesting and readable, and even the fantastic books review was well-worthwhile. It even gives advices for those who want to release themselves, talks with the development of cover art and looks for writers etc. before the release.

And if you are interested in listening to other writers, here are even a few writer-interview sessions to give you a different perspective. When I had to make a complaint about anything, it was the wide coverage of Twitter-Pitching at the end of the text. It' s clear that AJ has a love for these Twitter jokes, like #PitMad or #PitMatch, and while it is valuable to be able to throw your storyline in 140 chars, the number of Twitter jokes it contains has pulled the end of the game down for me.

It' a worthwhile investment of reading credit!

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