Writing a Book for Beginners

Write a book for beginners

Perhaps El Principito and Platero y yo. They are easy to read, so they are good for beginners. Before you write anything, you should read this book. This is extensively discussed in Roshi's book Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. Then you have to pay a small price for each book.

What is the best way to start writing a book or novel?

You' ll Love This Book If: Is this your first book or novel? You don't have to let all those emotions seize you and stunt your cripples. As a matter of fact, You've Got a Book in You is full of fun, cheerful, telling-it-to-you-straight sections that will teach you how to let go of your sorrows and free writing!

If you buy this book, you will get funny tutorials like "writing blasts", hints on how to brainstorm your novel (or book) in small chunks, all designed to help you develop the abilities and best practises you need to complete a novel! This book will teach you:

"If you have a book to create, this book is for you, and you want easy, no-nonsense help in realizing this one. Shop shelving and the Internet are stuffed with textbooks, so why this? For every times I see someone who wants to compose a book, but thinks it's too difficult, I want to take her hands and say: "Unfortunately, you've been misinformed."

Every reunion with someone who wants to make a book but doesn't really know how, I'll take her hands and say, "I'll help you." Every reunion with someone who has already wrote part of a book but is feeling bogged down, I want to take her hands and say: "Boy, are you with the right person!"

It is my share of your unbelievably thrilling ambitions. It is in an idyllic environment where you doubt your dreams, a leader in the shape of, shall we say, a big sibling who has herself been writing a book and will show you how to compose your book with verve and truth.

Let's work on your book together." Are you in favour of this book? Please send us a rating!

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