Writing a Biography

Write a biography

As one writes a biography. Biography is simply the story of a life. A biography can be only a few sentences long, or it can fill an entire book - or two. List any related brand names that you may use. Name your current position and what you are doing.

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Biography is just the history of a lifetime. A biography can be only a few phrases long, or it can fill an whole or two. Extremely brief histories tell the fundamental facts about a person's existence and meaning. Of course, longer bios contain this fundamental information with much more details, but they also tell a good tale.

A biography analyses and interprets the occurrences in a person's world. You try to find contexts, explaining the importance of unanticipated acts or enigmas and arguing about the importance of the person's achievements or lifetime activity. A biography is usually about a celebrity or notorious individual, but a biography of an average individual can tell us a great deal about a certain period of history and a certain place.

It is often about historic personalities, but also about those who are still alive. A lot of our autobiographies are in order. Others concentrate on certain issues or services. Biographs use primarily and indirectly: The second source is other bibliographies, encyclopedias or stories that give information about the topic of the biography.

In order to compose a biography, you should do so: Discover the fundamental facts of the person's Iife. Begin with the encyclopaedia and the almaac. Consider what else you want to know about the individual and which parts of his or her world you want to cover most. A few issues you should think about include:

Why is this individual interesting or something else? How did he or she affect the birth? Other human beings? With what acronyms would you describe the individual most frequently? How many of their lives exemplify these characteristics? Who are the men who have influenced or transformed this person's lives? Wouldn't the worid be better or inferior if this individual hadn't been alive?

You can also search your local archive or the web to find information that will help you find answers to these and tell an interesting tale. Please send us your biography. Refer to the tips for writing essays and how to make a five paragraph essay for proposals. The encyclopaedia contains portraits of many celebrities.

You can find out more about what makes a good biography in the Biography Encyclopaedia and on this The Biography Maker page of Bellingham Public Schools.

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