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On the Writing Workshop Video Tutorials - The Writing Workshop Video Tutorials Lectures and Discussions This course is built on more than ten years of publishing support from common authors. We' re determined to help you achieve success. A bestselling and award-winning author of a decade of books and four non-fiction books. He had large bookstores with all three of the world's biggest publishing houses and his works were distributed all over the globe (including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China and Japan).

Writers' Workshop was launched in 2005 to make it easier for regular writers to publish. From then on we have assisted 100 writers up to the point of publishing. Among our graduates are writers who have written over a million books, closed major bookshops, distributed film titles and much more.

Writing workshop 2018 - HayHouse

You are a novelist with a great concept and a keen wish to be released? This is the workshop for you! Come and visit us for a very unique two-day workshop with some of the best Hay House contributors and writers. Hay House UK Managing Director and Editor Michelle Pilley will share her 30 years of success in the UK publisher industry and her expertise in building a business.

The Artist's Way best-selling writer Julia Cameron will give workshops on her experiences in this area. If you are new to your work or have a bookcase with years of "Morning Pages" magazines, if you want to work on your first or fifth books or just want to get more inspired, Julia will give decisive advices to every participant.

Hay House has written nine novels, among them How Your Mind Can Health Your Bodys, I Hart Me and the Amazon bestselling The Five Side Effects of Kindness. You will receive the inside information about the publication of your volume that you always wanted to know. You' ll also see exquisite video footage from some of Hay House's top writers telling about their writers, their first releases and the mysteries that have brought their publication soar.

Ensure that you enter your name and the name of your suggestion in the file name of the definitive file you are sending. A Word file should be stored as'Sally Smith - manifesting peace proposal'. Students will be taught how to put together a suggested reading and will exit the workshop with a handbook containing best practice and suggested workbooks.

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