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Writers' Workshop UK Writers predict a hard time ahead

The results of a survey of emerging authors of the literature consulting firm The Writers' Workshop may be surprising in the new order of simple self-publication. The emerging authors of novels are forecasting the most difficult periods for themselves and the bookseller, but are expecting big and small booksellers to be able to adjust in the new years.

When asked to forecast the author's five-year futures, emerging writers said that writers would rather self-edit (52%), make more than half their revenue from selling eBooks (45%) and overall, make less from publication (40%). Most of the prospective writers forecast a smaller opportunity to make a livelihood (93%) and a higher need for self-marketing (76%).

Although there is a democratization of the publisher supply chain, emerging writers expect to see the survival of conventional publishers (86%) and literature operatives (87%), but there would be much more self-publishing and e-publishing (78%). The most pessimistic view is that one in five emerging writers believe that it is the emerging writers themselves who should be most involved in change in publishers (22%).

In a survey by four out of five (79%) emerging writers, the attempt to find out which editors and agencies to contact is a major contract requirement. Writing times (51%) and identifying publication trends were also seen as challenging (50%). "The opportunities for new writers are constantly increasing," says Harry Bingham, writer and also M.D. of The Writers' Workshop, the world's biggest literature review.

"Most of our customers still want an agency and are still being released in the conventional way - but we also have customers who take charge of their own career and make them number one among the best sellers in their group. However, as the sector becomes more complicated, it is becoming more and more important for authors to comprehend their development - and to listen directly to the voices of the individuals who are shaping the world.

Emerging writers name the main hurdles they face as having to write a good enough work ( (35%), followed by the need to find an asset (23%). "Editors and operatives who are not willing to take chances, not even those they were happy to take 5-10 years ago," one author said. "It' s about getting a builder or broker who wants to take chances and doesn't stick to the laws of the market," another man comment.

Interviewees of prospective writers said that they had written on general terms between 3 and 4 years with the goal of publishing a novel. "We know we've come across a novel good enough to find an operative for its writer. "If writers decide to republish themselves, their novel must still be powerful - and the writer must realize that he will spend about two full working nights a day a week selling it, not just at the moment of publication, but on a permanent basis.

The Writers' Workshop interviewed 323 up-and-coming writers in an on-line question. With 8-900 scripts of emerging writers per year, the Autorenwerkstatt is considered the world's biggest literature consulting service. The Writers' Workshop, located in Oxfordshire, was established in 2006. He is the writer of a number of books, in particular the novel The Talk to the Dead (Orion, June 2012).

Writer's & Artists' Guide to Getting Published (Bloomsbury) et des W&A Guide on How To World ("Comment écrire") (Bloomsbury, mai 2012). Keynote speeches will be given by Kirsty Dunsheath, Weidenfeld & Nicolson Publishers Manager, Gillian Green, Ebury Editor-in-Chief, Random House and Simon Trewin, Frahling, United Agents.

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