Writers with no Degree

ungraduated writer

Someone with a degree is an expert. Graduation doesn't mean he knows how to do that, what he's an expert at - he may not have any practical experience at all. Authors who have not studied writing. On the other hand, the library has no prejudices. When there is something I know I want to write about, I will plan and plan a little.

Fifteen Famous Writers on the Dangers of Formal Education

Pupils all over the land are beginning to go back to college, and some, I think, are not very upset. When you are, you are in good company: many well-known writers also detested schools. Authors are generally regarded as sophisticated characters, and so are many of them, of course. So to alleviate the grief - or the pleasure of being one of those who starts attending college, I found out what some great writers had to say about their own experience of formality (or its absence ), and in some cases about the danger of over-reliance on the schoolroom to find out how to stay in the day.

I get the following great news from below: The whole thing is very good and good, but it won't tell you what you really need to know, because actually only you can find out what it is. However, you will probably get there quicker if you stay a little while.

Use it from Ray Bradbury to start: It was during the depression when I finished high school, and we had no moneys. So for ten years I went to the libary three times a day a week. "but that wasn't enough.

I got my actual training, the top structure, the detail, the actual architectural design from the local community archive. To a poor kid whose parents couldn't buy a book, the bookstore was an open gate to amazement and performance, and I can never be thankful enough that I had the joke of going through that gate and making the most of it.

"that school interferes with their upbringing. "However, how many demanding little children we have been able to grow through an upbringing! However, many were completely un-prepared by their training to survive in this without much help. I am trying to say that it is not that we are all alienated from our background and abilities that do not fit into the reality of the reality of the world, but that something fundamentally incorrect is going on with our system of upbringing.

"that I would never give counsel to those with university degrees. I' ve never gotten such a degree. When I fled as quickly as possible, the prospects of four more years of forced study before I became the author I wanted to be were overwhelming.

They made me go out into the wide open, I was writing, and I became a better author the more I was writing, and I was writing more, and it didn't seem to bother anyone that I thought it up while I went along, they just were reading what I was writing, and they just pay for it, or they didn't, and often they asked me to do something else for them.

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