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It is made up of passionate news editors, authors and social media managers. We have freelance jobs. For freelance authors we offer online writing jobs. The Writers Wanted is a group where authors can share their work for criticism and review in a safe, supportive environment. Register now and become one of our successful web content authors.

Be careful of "Writers wanted" advertisements on-line

Adjusting the pitch to the editor becomes tiring, making someone who offers work feel like a present. This is the attraction of advertisements that demand authors. Imagine advertising on line as a 2am walk through a town some districts are having a good time, others are having a break, drinking a bottle of hot water at the Pibe di Cafe.

I have been consulting advertisements for almost 10 years. Prevent any list that uses variants of these rhetoric that make your handwriting sounds as if you were dressing the poor: Ohio based Vince Guerrieri, an experienced Ohio based journalist who worked for POLITICO and Ohio Magazine, has written his first publication (Ohio Sports Trivia) thanks to an on-line ad that he replied to.

"They want to know a great deal about you, but they don't want you to know anything about them," says Stephen Silver, an entertaining and technological author from Philadelphia who looks for work on a regular basis onlin. "It gives you a feeling whether this is a pro or not, whether it is reliable or not," advised silver.

If you work self-employed, your own work means it. When you apply for a position, devour the amount of paperwork you do or track your lead, look elsewhere. Melissa Kvidahl, a New Jersey-based free-lance artist, began looking for work through on-line advertisements. She said too many lists were looking for a local part-time or full-time worker to work from afar.

These skills clashed with two factors why Kvidahl wanted to work freelance: a timetable that was adaptable and work from home. Back then I saw on-line advertisements as the way to get the most work done quickly. It was to be part of an assault aimed at creating individual past and present pitching, establishing contact via mobile phones and contacting former writers and co-workers.

Have a look at Kvidahl: e-mail contact from her specialist journal era started her free-lance work. Subscribe to our free newsletters to get FREE items, publication hints, typing hints and more that will be sent to your mailbox once a week. Get them all for free.

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