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Writers Studio offers workshops in New York, Tucson, San Francisco and The Hudson Valley in a program developed by the Pulitzer Prize winner. In a supportive, dynamic environment, learn the art and craft of creative writing in West Lafayette and become the writer you want to be. So if your dream is to write, our online creative writing courses and our personal courses in Sydney will get you to do it. We designed Writer's Studio to help you develop your writing practice for your personal interest and profession. Here is what some former Writers Studio participants have to say about their experiences.

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Our aim is to be able to inspirit the next few decades of writers or to support those who want to compose but are afraid to find their voice. More writers than ever before can be reached through our platform for aspiring writers, publishers and even internationally acclaimed writers. Wherever you are and wherever you are, your contribution will help promote the next breed of people.

Not only Nottingham's voice, but the world's one.

Fiction, poetry and memoirs workshop since 1987

Manhattan Beach" by Jennifer Egan's New York Times bestseller has won a book, a New York competition "After ten thousand voices, almost six million photos of society and a city-wide debate,..... Learn how to spell and type in this six-week course..... Congratulations, Lisa Bellamy "The Northway", a complete compilation of Lisa Bellamy's verses and fiction, will be released by Terrapin Books in autumn 2018.

Is Lisa teaching "Online Keeping Your Creativ.... Congratulations, Christopher Shade "The Good Mother of Marseille", Christopher X. Shade's first novel, will be released by Paloma Press in early 2019. Deluxe: one of the "Best collections of poems of the month". "The Whole Story ", reviewed by Dan Giancola in The East Hampton Star.

Writers Studio Teen Workshop is a highly interactive, creativity programme tailored to the needs and passion of young people, built on the Writers Studio Adult Programme.

Writers Studio Online - The Writers Studio

The Writers Studio Onlineprogram was launched in 2001 and now offers the same six steps that we have created in our New York City class. We' ve been teaching on-line pupils from all regions of the USA and places as different as Mexico, Tuscany, Tasmania and an Luftwaffe basis in Vietnam.

Use the same technology-oriented methodology as our other workshop and make it available to everyone. It is a great option for those who do not reside near one of our on-site courses. Also, we are encouraging bustling or peripathetic undergraduates to move back and forth between New York City and New York City or branches if this will help them keep in touch with their work.

Pupils who are afraid of leaping into an on-site group often flourish in the on-line world - because what could make more sense than a lesson of typing in which pupils and instructors know each other exactly through their words? On-line instructors publish one-week tutorials in our on-line classrooms, with a scheduled submission deadline for their work and several reviews of peers.

Courses also include an option to hold a 1 hr per week one-on-one chats (without videos or sounds) in our chats room at hours suitable for Eastern Standard or Middle Europe residents. Consider the conversation as a form of conversation, with a mixture of living discussions, guidance and task analyzing of the weeks.

But if your timezone or timetable makes it difficult for you to participate in the conversations, you can still use your texts, criticisms and commentaries in the news board to make yourself felt like a full member of the group. Every weeks we publish the minutes of the conversation in the room immediately afterwards. Reliable feedbacks are also a big part of the group.

Each week, our current and future scholars are given several reviews. Each week the instructor criticizes each student's task - a level of awareness that is hard to hear in other classrooms. The only thing you need to attend an on-line course is the following:

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