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It is invaluable to any author to be able to write a short story and to write it well. An author and artist's companion is an indispensable guide to the successful writing of short feature films. A list of the best short story writers of all time. A list of famous short story writers with their biographies containing interesting facts, facts worth knowing, timeline and life story. The essays examine the evolving relationship between British women writers and the genre of short stories from the late 19th century.

It is a plattform that allows you to create stories for your friends, like an Airbnb for writers.

They are told in different ways, which serves a specific function, about chatter, telephone conversations, as slide shows or even as stories. As some are genuine incidents, some stories may have been woven out of our fanciful thinking. We call these stories the stories of the fictional. And then comes penpee.com, a place that offers the next business chance to anyone who sees himself as an author and storyteller.

To the professional to amateurs to the ambitious author who would like the possibility to have his work published. It' described easily as a reading, writing and paying plattform for shorts. Basically, it allows anyone to create stories for cash. It' a straightforward and uncomplicated style that will reward authors every book they see a section of their work.

This works by giving each new member a welcoming greeting, which is calculated when they are reading your history and sharing between the plattform and the authors. Loans, when granted to authors, are then transformed into money that can be paid into their banking account in over 35 assisting jurisdictions or PayPal.

In order to get in touch with authors, ask your friend to review your stories, see who has looked at your resume and all kinds of other things. However, an important characteristic is the ranking, which serves to award writers whose stories are most frequently heard each and every months with currency rewards. Preferred authors can receive a 35 to 300 pounds per calendar week extra in the rankings.

An ordinary author earns less on the rankings. In order to be able to make money on the ranking list, you must be in the group. It' a privately owned group, open only to primary and top authors. Starters are denied entry to the group, although it is one way to avoid this.

Continue reading. His free subscription is named Starters, which awards authors with 45% commissions for each section of their history that is viewed. An entrant may make one history per calendar year. Runners will not appear on the ranking, cannot make money on the ranking, and it will require that they have a bookmark before they can bookmark their stories.

Next is the elementary subscription, which will cost 3. 99 every six moths and would earn 55% Commission for each section of their stories that will be reading. It is customary for up-and-coming writers who would like the possibility to have their works published. There are more options for the Master-Writer than a starter, but much less than the bonus.

You can post an infinite number of stories per mont. You can also join the challenger group and make money in the rankings, although what you are earning is significantly less than what a top author will make for the same position in the rankings. E.g. if a basic writer earns 50p for every single days they appear on the leadingboard, a first class writer earns 1. 50 for equal exposure. a...

First-rate author was £6. 99 every sixmonth. Premier authors deserve 70% commissions for every section of their history that is viewed. Preferred authors are included in the challenger group and receive a significantly higher ranking bonuses. If you are a first time friend on the board, a contributor can add someone with a starting state to the group.

If a competitor is challenged, he receives the same commissions as a simple author when he appears in the rankings. At the end of the monthly, such a competitor will be deleted from the group and requires another invite from a first-class-member. That gives the author and influence the state.

And, like the original author, a first-rate author can publish an infinite number of stories per months. Beginners and simple authors can create up to 7200 words of stories, while a top-level author can create up to 12,000 words per narrative. It is currently conducting a promotional campaign that allows anyone who writes three full stories in a single months to earn FREE one year of paid top members.

You can revoke this action at any moment. Penpee.com only releases brief stories. The Plot Factory is an on-line history organizer that allows authors to plot, organise and build stories and fictitious worlds. Make your stories truly original.

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