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Kansas City, MO. Lectures and activities Visit us every third Friday of the months for this current show. We are introducing Robert Sommer, Linda Rodriguez and Marilyn Evans this time. Dobson will return to a one-day retreat and read with his boyfriend Max McCoy. Attend the workshops, hung out and speak to the authors, buy a work, have it duly autographed and remain to read.

You will join together for a local writers' workshops, followed by a welcome address and a readings of your latest works. Following a recidivism, this group of poets will return to debate Ellen Bass' work. Visit us every third Friday of the months for this current show. My name is The winner of the #readlocal write contest will be able to present their poems, novels and essay this time.

In August our lecture shows the poet Stan Banks and B.J. J. Soliy, with some of their guest musicians Too Latate for Satellites. At the Westport Coffee House, Improv Jazz and Poetry has a new home. He had a life-long love affair with the world of metal - as a musician, amateursitarist, jazzman and classic DJ and as an author and publisher of Musikjournalismus.

A rarely released writer, he is enthusiastic to participate with his boyfriend Howard Iceberg, who is much more of a performer and has better hairdos, in a free programme of poems, singing and Hemingway. We' re putting on a book jacket for the readings of James Joyce's work. The LGBTQ readings are held annually by Charles Ferruzza and Wayne Courtois.

When you are looking for a group or have a group, Tuesday is your writing time. We' ll have TWP authors and writers at our fingertips. Visit us every third Friday of the months for this current show. The annual Crystal Field Scholarship Reading takes place in May.

Amie Barrodale and Clancy Martin are re-scheduling their lecture due to a last-minute emergencies. Sharing your inner jester with a poetry during this open microphone read with the Collaborators a. k.a. The April's Fools. With A POETRY feast we are celebrating the National Poetry Month.

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