Writers or Writer's

Authors or Writers

In order to use the unique possessive writer, you must have something that HEARS TO ONE writer: A group of the writer's manuscripts fell off his desk. This group of writers, who had only the writer himself as a member, met in a closet in the public library. Mostly ignored, but one that causes many writers sorrow and headaches is the simple apostrophe. This sign signals either a contraction or a possessive word (Can't, John's).

Pen. It'?s a pen: Writer, writer or writer?

One Rocky Mount Writers member wanted to know how to relate to the group:! Is it supposed to use a group of writers, a group of writers or a group of writers? One group of authors can be a group of authors. Ethel, Lucy, Annabelle Lee, Miss Kitty and Aurora visit their group of authors every Tuesday unless they find something better to do.

I' m a member of more than one group of writers. You could reason that writer in this regard is an adjective that says what kind of group. Chicago Manual of Style supports the use of no-apostrophes. During a Lake Writers (not an apostrophe: a Lake Writers meeting) gathering, our intrepid guide introduced his Chicago Manual of Style and showed us that the apostrophe-free format is not inappropriate.

As I do not own the Chicago Manual of Style, I cannot literally cite why this shape is accepted, but it is. It' written somewhere in the Chicago Manual. Browse around and found my 1995 issue of The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual. DESCRIBING PHRASES: Don't include an inverted commas to a term ending in seconds if it is mainly used in a description sense: Cincinnati Reds InfoDer, a Civic Bands Station, a Teacher's Collegium, Teamsters Inquiry, an Author's Handbook.

Well, group of writers can be a eloquent expression. As a rule, the abbreviation is not used if for or by instead of in the longer version would be appropriate: a wireless tape for citizen, a staff for teacher, a guideline for writer, a petition of the teamsters. However, one is necessary if a concept is a multiple that does not end in s: a children's clinic, a People's republic, the Christian Association of Young Men.

One of the things I did was checking out was to find organisational titles in the lake, a complement in today's Roanoke Times and a bundle of examples: Moneta Lions Clubs held an official evening meal on June 21 at the Pointe at Mariners Landing in Huddleston to celebrate the eighteenth year of the club's founding with Lions Clubs International.

Excludes qualified Sears Commercial One and Sears Home Improvement Account (sm) account, unless otherwise specified. Remark: It is not Sears' Map (or even Sears' Card) or Sears' Home Improvement Account - although Sears clearly owns it. In order to use the unique possessive author, you must have something that HEARS TO ONE writer:

This group of writers, who had only the author himself as a member, gathered in a cupboard in the community archive. So I can really say that our group of writers had a lunch on Rocky Mount Writers last night.

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