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Writers Guild of America is the joint work of two different American trade unions representing television and film authors: The Writers Guild of America news. Writers Guild of America comments and archive information from the New York Times. This is a network of authors of all levels, from beginners to professionals. The Palouse Writers Guild is a networking resource for all who are interested in a writing community.

Who is the guild? - Writers Guild of East America

Writers Guild of America, East, (WGAE) is a trade association of tens of thousands of experts who are the main authors of what is seen or listened to on TV and in the US, as well as the authors of a rising proportion of genuine electronic music. We have members writing everything from big budgets to independents, long evening comedy/vaudeville shows, daily TV shows, broadcasts, web shows, documentary and audio.

WGAE works on its own account to support and safeguard the occupational and art interests of this multifaceted group. Join the guild to bring together writers from an exceptionally wide variety of background and skills to foster, safeguard and uphold important art and professions. Supporting the guild is independent of the authors' achievements.

Unions are the total of their members; the guidance and involvement of our members is the life elixir of the guild. WGAE officials and the WGAE Board are chosen from among its members. WGAE is a democratic organisation and our members' voices are key to the trade union's development.

Every member works according to the one-person and one-vote system, which has been a key principle since the guild was founded. Now the guild's president is the author Beau Willimon and you can find out about the members of the guild council here. The guild's CEO is Lowell Peterson.

The members are also represented on the guild's boards and bodies. For more than half a hundred years, the combined talent of WGAE has been helping to preserve, sustain and enhance the careers and artistry of our members.

***** Common activities[edit]>>

Writers Guild of America is the collective work of two different American trade unionists who represent television and movie authors: Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) based in New York City. Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) based in Los Angeles. WGAE and UCITS jointly conclude agreements and carry out strikes at the same time:

While each guild is independent, they carry out some concurrent activities:

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