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I co-founded Script Pipeline, where I worked with authors and connected with the film and television industry for sixteen years. "...great writers are playing to their strengths.

Messages about writing and the writers. Observations and archive information about the writing and writers of the New York Times. It is a room for writers to talk about their craft.

Advice on scripts

The authors will have a pre-enquiry/e-mail with the WFW to review your scripts. The feedback is verbal and can be given by telephone, in private or via Skpe. Authors can enter a scenario, a TV driver, a book, a treatment, a novel or a compilation of comics. In order to respond to a question that is often asked - yes, we help our authors by passing it on to literature representatives.

Currently we offer three scholarships - the Diversity Themed Fellowship, the Female Themed Fellowship and the Indie Filmmaker Fellowship.

Hints and tools for serious authors

Thanks, Hope, the ad worked great! A huge ocean of information for new authors. It was their excitement and encouragement and the simple "humanity" that made my voyage of discovery as a (new) author clear and approachable. The richness of marvellous footage produced top-notch labels that encouraged the best regional artists and filmmakers (including a beloved regional broadcaster ) to give their talents and times.

They were playing in front of full homes and we all had a great game. At the Safety Harbor Writers Conference, Hope gave the event's keyboard workshop: After her key note speech, hope could have gone, but instead she remained all morning and made a point of talking to some writers in person. Hope took part in a Q&A session at the end of the morning.

It made such a good impact on so many that I think my meeting would have been a great hit if she had been my only chair. I' m seated in a shipping station and wait for the next ship to take me to the Turkeyland Cove Foundation Writer's Retreat on Martha's Vineyard Island.

It is the first one in my whole lifetime that the present of a whole week of free and free room is given to me to concentrate on what I like to do best: WRIT! A few workdays ago Maine Authors Publishers published my compilation of 22 inspiring articles!

"One of these essay was selected a few years ago for third place in the Writers' Digest Contest Inspirational competition, which prompted me to release a compilation of essay works. It inspires me to have more guts to get higher, and you are offering me strings of hopes that I too can keep growing and make a contribution of value to the earth.

I' m cutting and pasting every chance into a computer file that stays "open" on my desk top so that I can access it whenever I am depressed.

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