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One platform for writing groups and one online room for authors. The Phoenix Writers Club (All Genres). The Aylad' s Writing Group is an e-mail criticism online group.

Writing groups by state or region

Typing groups can be useful instruments for authors who want to get constructively involved in their work and work. In Writer's Relief, we took the liberty to create a group of authors so you don't have to! Browse down or click on one of the following icons to see the write groups in your state or area.

If you are a group of online writers, click here! Understanding the authors' unparalleled needs and objectives, we provide a full range of support to help you every stage of the way to publishing. Writing groups by region: And the Alabama Writing Groups: The Alaska Writing Groups: AIzona Writing Groups: to Arkansas writing groups: The California Writing Groups:

The Colorado Group: The Colorado Group:: ConnectCticut groups: ill: Illinois write groups: Indo-American typing groups: Lowa write groups: The Kansas Group: The Kansas Group:: The Kentucky Group: The Kentucky Group: The Writing Group: The Louisiana Group: Louisiana Series: Louisiana Writing Groups: The Maine Group: The Maine Group:: The Maryland Group:: The Massachusetts Group: The Massachusetts Group:: The Michigan Group: Michigan World: Michigan Writing Groups:

in the Minnesota Writing Groups: The Mississippi Writing Groups: Myssouri Writing Groups: Montaña writing groups: The Nebraska Writing Groups: The Nevada Writing Groups: The New Hampshire Writing Groups: The New Jersey Writing Groups: The New Mexico Writing Groups: The New York Writing Groups: The North Carolina Writing Groups: Writing Groups: The Ohio Writing Groups: The Oklahoma Writing Groups: The Oregon Writing Groups:

The Pennsylvania Writing Groups: The Rhode Island Writing Groups: The South Carolina Writing Groups: The South Dakota Writing Groups: The Tennessee Writing Groups: The Texas Writing Groups: The Utah Writing Groups: Vermouth-writing groups: VAWGs: Washington, D.C. writing groups: American Writing Groups: West-Virginia Writing Groups: The Wisconsin Writing Groups: I' m here. I' m here. Wyoming Writing Groups: Canadian writing groups:

On-line writing groups:

and ASNE is more in the writers' organisation class.

and ASNE is more in the writers' organisation class. Canadian Writers Association fills the void between a large nationwide organisation and the directness of the community. European Federation of Free Lance Writers is open to independent writers, columnists and writers throughout Europe.

HWA or Horror Writers Association is a good place for everyone interested in this one. International Women's Guild defines itself as "a networking for the individual and vocational empowerment on the part of woman through writing". The National Association of Scientists is a prospective source for those who are concerned with the fact of scientific literacy.

You also have a listing of community groups with community gatherings. The National Writers Association is a nationwide organisation with such different sections as Hawaii to New York. Pittsburgh Worldwrights is another small group of authors on the Internet. A nonprofit organisation sponsored by members, was established in 1997.

If you would like more information, Romances of America is a non-profit trade organisation of 8,200 romantic experts and other experts in the business. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. is a critical asset as an organisation and as good a source as a home page.

Alamo Writers Unlimited is a group of writers from San Antonio, Texas who meet on a regular basis and hold a regional authors' meeting. The Austin Christian Writers' Guild organizes quaterly full-day workshop in Austin, Texas, organizes critical group reviews every month, and is involved by e-mail. The Colorado Authors League is one of the oldest pro writers' organizations in Colorado (founded in 1931).

The Eastside Writers Association is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, and describes itself as a group of like-minded authors who come together to refine their trade and exchange experience, success and the casual Editor-From-Hell-Art. Eastside RWA (Romance Writers Association) is an eastern side of the Lake Washington Group with an interest in typing this famous fictional style.

Scanning out their site if you are living in the area and have an interest, this area of the letter is. is a multi-resource organisation for the British Columbia-based author. The Kenny Naughton Society is a European-based group founded in 1993 after the passing of Bill Naughton.

Founded in 1917, the Missouri Writers' Guild is the nationwide written professionals' organisation for Missouri and Missouri-affiliated writers of all styles. They also organise a competition and an annuity write meeting. The Maryland Writer's Association is, as its name suggests, a Maryland-based group that provides a wide range of different service offerings such as criticism groups, publishing, competitions and specific activities, an annually held meeting and more.

North Carolina Writer's Network is an organisation that unites writers, literary writers, essays, dramatists, writers and writers of all age groups, background and skills. Oklahoma Writers Group is a website under construction and a more and more information available online.

Panhandle Professionals Writers describe themselves as one of the nation's oldest typing groups, founded in 1920 and located in the Texas Panhandle. You also have a lot of useful hyperlinks and a chat that you might want to try out. Pen and Brush Club is a 100 year old organisation of female writers, painter, sculptor, musician and artist professionals.

Her website states, "All exhibits and speakers nights are freely accessible to the public" professional writers from Prescottis a Local Writers group, which will include both publicized and unreleased writers of invention and non-fiction in the Prescott, Arizona area. Red River Romance Writers are a community of writers who describe themselves as "Chapter 124 of the Romance Writers of America, Region 5.

Headquartered in Wichita Falls, Texas, we service members from the entire Red River Valley and the Texoma region of North Texas and South Oklahoma. It is our goal to offer a platform where writers and prospective writers can come together to share thoughts, improve their work and improve their abilities to make the most of romance in the world of film.

Rocky Mountain Writers is a Colorado-based group dedicated to assisting mature and emerging authors of novel literature. There are courses, regularly scheduled encounters, criticism groups and an author convention every year. Rhode Island Writers and Journalists Society describes itself as a "non-profit association of writers, reporters, and geographers from RI and beyond.

Competitions, works of art postings, photographs and more" Southbay Writers Group started with a get-together of Jack London, the author George Sterling and the author of Herman Whitaker's work. This 6 feet Ferrett Writing Group Home Page is the way you can create your own group of writers helpers page that is run by a group that has been in operation since 1989.

T-Partei is an informational grassroots typing group, initially located in London, England, but now extending a little to the southward (according to its website). You are specialized in phantasy, fun and letterings. Squirrel Hill Group is a Pittsburgh-based typing group that is meeting in the Squirrel Hill Branch of the Carnagie Library.

Willamette Writers Group describes itself with shining words as follows: 2005 will be the fortieth year of the Willamette Writers. WW is the biggest writers' organisation in the NW with over 1,100 members and one of the biggest writers' organisations in the USA, with headquarters in Portland and satellites in Eugene and Ashland.

It is his missions to create and promote a resourceful and supportive system for present and future authors. Writers offers a weekly newsletters with technical and work opportunities advice, weekly main speaker sessions, a special emphasis on promoting alphabetisation in the church through our Young Willamette Writers and our Young Writers for Kids programme, and an author's meeting every year.

The free writers' group was founded in 1996 in the Monroeville, Pennsylvania area and is focused on sci-fi, phantasy and gruesome music. Writer's Center is more than just a group of authors, with an index of authors and writers, a list of tutorials and a variety of other materials on its website and in its Washington D.C. office.

Writer`s Cramp is a writing group from Seattle/Tacoma that has been dating for several years and has several Clarion alumni among its members. It is also home to Twig - an online literature journal that will release only select essays and poems by The Writer's Garret members.

Alien Flower Poetic Workshop meets the needs of those interested in poetic. Aylad' s Writing Group is an online e-mail criticism group. Bryan Bobette's Silver Quill Fiction Writers' Forum is an online Delphi discussion group. The BOOST is an online fellowship of children's authors. We specialise in creating criticism groups for new and seasoned authors.

The BOOST also offers a bulletin board, journal and books publishing rules, competitions, a bulletin board, article about typing and more. Chrisrischer Writers Group homepage is a geo-cities fellowship site with resource and support for Christians writers that includes boards and other resource. The Critique Circle is a free posting board where both new and seasoned authors can publish their work online and get reviews from other members, as well as provide reviews of other published work.

Practical support for the authors and a panel for discussions with the members are also available. CRITICIQUE PARTIES criticique parties connections tries to bring authors together with criticism partner. Critters Writers Writers Workshop is the first of several author training sessions I am hoping to link to from here. Authoring work-shops that receive and distribute reviews via the web.

I' d also like to point out the workshop library, which offers a lot of interesting hyperlinks. The Com and Writers' Village University is a mixture of free areas and an online group of writers with an annuity subscription. fantasy writer's outlet is an online criticism area with a focus on imagination.

FunTuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal (FFP) Channel of Romanticism Writers of America Fokus helps those who are interested in more romantic topics and helps these authors to be public. Hatrack Writers Groups is a set of online author groups from the Orson Scott Card website. Online Writers Guild is a free online publication for those who have used the web in general and the web in particular to share their work and that of others.

It seems that the online writing workshops have a serious methodology that could address those who need a certain level of motivational and structured work. Long-hand-The Black Quill is an internet-based round-robin group that calls itself "Our latest project is entitled "Catch Me If You Can! It could be a useful tool for anyone interested in SF and phantasy romanticism, psychological romanticism or cross-time romanticism.

National Association of Writers describes itself as "founded in January 2001 to assist, empower, entertain, motivated and inspiring female writers. NAWWWW provides a FREE monthly Inspiration/How-to-E journal, an online member portfolio, a member publication page, a bi-monthly WRITER'S GUIDE, Daily Inspiration, a Writer's Online Library, and much more.

On-line Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror is the follow-up to the Del Rey Digital Writing Workshop and now has a free one-month evaluation version and an additional one-year subscription charge for the Del Rey Digital Writing workshop. You also have the online writing studio for romance, which is currently a free online workshops while they are building a subscription. rememory.com is a very beautiful site in fact from the country down under.

It is both an example of online publication and an online social network in a very attractive bundle. Imaginaries is a duo of writers for sci-fi, phantasy and terror, as well as a group that divides tales over the Internet and demands criticism and many other parts. Sci-Fi and Phantasy workshops are a $15.00 per month and $5.00 for your class.

This is an AOL-based authoring seminar focusing on sci-fi. You have online chat on AOL on the second Monday of each monthly and on iPlanet, which are open every 4th Monday for the whole world. creenwriters - Producer's Welcome is described as'A place for script writers and producer to have their lunches!

This means a straightforward, almost graphic-less messaging forum on which authors, manufacturers and other inquiries can post. AFRT on the Web is an online continuing fellowship for science fiction, fantasy and horror writers and people. The Writers Workshop is of particular interest here.

Kurt Story Writers Group is a fine attempt to group writers from beginner to experts in a mailinglist group. Spoked Ink is an online fellowship, breaking newscasts and a journal called the" spoke ink", a fellowship of authors who give each other feedbacks for their work.

The Wild Poetry Forum is just that, a wide variety of forum where you can post your works with other authors. Examine it out and see if this is a point in your evolution as a writer. What is it? Wolfruners is an online fellowship for writers and female writers from the fields of sci-fi and phantasy.

Works in process can be presented for criticism, new market and entry advice, and idea were divided by the only ones who really understood the author's own lives and minds: other authors in the field. Woman Who World is an AOL-based group of authors with a website that has a plethora of hyperlinks and a timetable for AOL chatting in the jugglers' room.

BBS - Message Forums are a page with a variety of discussions to post and exchange news and information. It' a single endeavor of Writer's BBS after the closing when inkspot.com. Zeema is an online workshops and pepper group for serious and experienced poet. Yahoo's Writing Workshops List is also a good place to look.

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