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It was my first time at Writers and Books last night. Nice building, accessible parking, nice people and a great time at your "Last Monday" comedy event! That's strange, because writers can be very boring. Gell Center is the retreat of Writers & Books in the Finger Lakes region, 30 miles south of Rochester. It is no less than madness that we expect children, the least experienced writers, to do what the best writers in the world do not - edit their writing first.

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Fifty-two years later, the novel GTO begins its history with a young finance consultant called Tommy Grimaldi. Thommy leads a peaceful, eventless existence in Fairchester, New York, as his best pal Mike Bender inherited million. All of a sudden Mike becomes the destination of the greedy interests of others. Seduced by a mystery lady with unidentified GTO-related goals, Mike is about to be cast into a dangerous game and Tommy along with him.

And if he manages it, Monaco's imperial dynasty will be the first to die. The GTO is a funny, quick and enjoyable experience for the aficionado. The new offer ties in with Roger Corea's highly acclaimed novel The Duesenberg Caper. The Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance was prefaced by Bill Warner, president and creator of the vintage vehicle fan of the mekka.

It tells a story of intrigues involving the GTO, Andrea Doria and the Grimaldi kingdom, which is fun and full of excitement and surprises". He will be exhibiting at several motor shows to publicize his new work, among them the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance in early March 2017.

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It is a generally accepted fact that if there is a current reality in contemporary living, the Germans or the Japanese will have a name. The Tsundoku is a collection of readings that you don't get to use. Aka That Pile Of Books By The Bed. Thing is, each of these books really did look tempting when you kept it, but something about being in that pile makes them become your sda. th. m.

Somebody I know has put his stack in a paper so it looks more fascinating again. So I suggest taking it down and putting the books around the building until it expands again. In general, it is more of a "should" rather than a joy to read. Mr. Gum prizewinning author and joker, Andy Stanton is lyrically about the Yearbook of Children's Authors & Artists in this archive excerpt from his preface to the eighth yearbook.

The night of April 5, 2017, I visited the master class Writers & Artist's How to Watch White Paper with bestselling novelist Mark Billingham. This was a great start into making detective stories - speaking and when to do it. These are 10 top hints I learned from Mark: As an editor, don't look for crenels.

Instead, please tell us what interests you as a readership, as this probably interests other readers as well. You' re going to have to get the readers in quickly and early. Bait the readers with a set of killers or anything that asks a query. It is important when you submit a script to an editor or editor, as it makes the big deal of whether you read your first three sections or not.

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