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An Eighth Edition Writer Reference by Diana Hacker for the University of Alabama. A great reference work for your research. Purchase a cheap copy of A Writer's Reference Book by Diana Hacker. Tutorials ? A WRITER'S REFERENCE (BOOK ONLY).

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An encyclopedia by Diana Hacker

That book came immediately and is exactly the issue I had been expecting. It is a "must have" utility for authors and editors. Don't overhear to anything else you've been hearing; this is THE must-have leader for any undergraduate or graduate commissioned with typing any type of research or denomination document.

It is a must for any serious pupil or author. The book is the first-aid manual for every serious author. When I was looking for the most easily available book, as an Englishman I thought about various text. I ended my quest when I found Professor Hacker's A Writer's Reference.

In this succinct work there is an introductory essay on language and styles, an overview of the fundamentals and a comprehensive research guideline. I and my co-workers are agreed that Professor Hacker's book should be used as a tool in teaching German. This book has remained faithful to its name, it is a reference for a novelist.

Must-have writers' reference book - LILOLIA

In my search for literary read guides on-line, I came across the Warwick University read guide for The Practise of Fantasy, and here are the reference works that every author needs in his own armoury to deal with literary writing: It is imperative that you have your own copy of the Oxford English Dictionary. It speaks of the twenty-volume Oxford English Dictionary as the best reference book, but if you don't have them all, they say that the desk top will do.

For my part, I have the Concise Oxford English Public Domain which is still very useful to me. I don't see myself purchasing a 20-volume dictionarieset, but if that's for you, get it. A further important instrument is a thyesaurus. A Roget's thanesaurus is the best, unless you are US, in which case an US thanesaurus would be the best.

New Fowler's, published by R. W. Burchfield in 1996, is the book of choice for the English language. The Oxford English Gramar by Sidney Greenbaum is also recommend. W Strunk and E B White's stylistic elements are well-known and a must for every author.

Claire Kherwald Cook's Line by Line is the reference book to the topic of editorial work.

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