Writer's Digest Contest

The Writer's Digest Contest

The oldest and most popular competition of CLOSED Writer's Digest, the Annual Writing Competition, is currently not announced. Contests Newsletters Writer's Digest has been illuminating up-and-coming authors of all styles for more than 80 years through its annual competition. Take part in our 1987th annual typing competition and let your work be seen by journalists and coaches! Some of the best submissions in this competition will also be featured in the 1987th Annual Writer's Digest Competition Collection.

First prize and first place in each of the categories will be announced in the 1987th Annual Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition Collection. Your name will be included in the 1987th Annual Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition Collection. Register on line or send your contribution by post. Off-line registrations must include a registration form and the necessary participation fees (credit cards, cheque or payment order to F+W Media, Inc.).

When submitting more than one paper, you can send all your submissions in the same cover and issue a cheque for the full amount; however, each paper must have its own section in the top lefthand area. It is possible to join our site even if you pay by cheque.

Cheques will be honored within 60 workingdays following the end of the contest. The participation fee is non-refundable. You must submit your contribution in English, unedited* and unedited in the source language and must not be approved by any other publishing house or manufacturer at the date of filing. Writer's Digest will retain the one-time, non-exclusive publishing privileges for the top prize and first place in each of the categories that will be released in a Writer's Digest work.

Items in the Magazine Feature Articles section may already be available. Every song that is released on line is regarded as being released, except in a private forum. Suitable for writing a poem that can be shared via your own weblog, your own account or forum (like the commentary on the Poetic Asides blog).

Everything that is put on line by third parties is deemed to be public. When you submit your contribution by post (NOT using the on-line registration form), the contribution must be written on one page of 8-1/2 x 11 or A4 whitepaper. You must see the contest categories and the number of words/lines in the top lefthand of the first page, otherwise your listing will be ineligible.

Any entry that exceeds the boundaries of words or pages will be discarded. Submitted items that are more than one page long must be bind. Because of US government constraints we cannot allow Syrian, Iran, North Korea or Crimea registrations. Please see our preparation page or our FAQ page for more information.

Please click here for the off-line registration and registration forms. If you would like to be occasionally informed about the dates, the announcement of the winner and other information about write contests, please register for the write contest email.

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