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The Writer has everything you would expect from a modern, full-featured word processor. But the good news is that you can write well, no matter how "unqualified" you feel as a writer. To download a file, use the links below. You can download our blank label templates free of charge in opendocument format. ott for Libreoffice or Openoffice Writer.

Now you can download and try this free text editor!

Kingsoft Writer Free 2013

The Kingsoft Writer Free 2013 is a free text editing application with some well-built premier functions that go well with Microsoft's flag ship World. It' a good, free alternate to Microsoft World and supports all Microsoft Office document types including.docx. The Kingsoft Writer Free 2013 has an easy-to-use graphical environment that makes it a good option for novices and offers some very useful functions for experienced use.

In addition, it has many useful features, such as a built-in Wort-to-PDF conversion, auto-spellcheck, web-layouts, etc. Freely definable text processing to match paragraphs. Adjust spreadsheets. Integrated World to PDF Conversion. Also Kingsoft Writer Free 2013 offers a large number of chart style to help you include colourful charts and give your files a certain liveliness.

You can quickly choose, move, and expand spreadsheets and include extra lines or column by just click on the links in the spreadsheet. Overall, Kingsoft Writer Free 2013 is a great replacement to Microsoft Word. Allows you to produce impressive visuals with ease and the user friendly user interfaces are simple to use and will be trusted by anyone with even the most basic skills in office use.

Under the" Review" folder (2013 styled interface) and in the" Tools" folder (classic interface), add" Edit Restrict" and" Formatting Restrict" checkbox. Supports the display of the width of the tables according to the specified percent when HTML files are read. Under the Start > Borders page (2013 style), select Borders and shade.

The Writer has everything you would want from a full-featured author.

The Writer has everything you would want from a full-featured author. You can focus on your own idea while Writer makes it look great. Assistants facilitate the creation of standardized items such as correspondence, facsimiles, agendas, protocols or more complicated items such as serials.

You can also make your own template or download it from our template archive. The Writer can also deal with the use of different language in your work. Sitemap & Reference - Add value to your long, rich set of documentation by creating a sitemap or index words, bibliographic reference, figures, spreadsheets and other items.

Multipage view - Writer can also view several pages during processing - perfect for complicated work. Memos - The Memos function shows memos and remarks on the page of the original file. That makes the readability of the memos considerably simpler. Additionally, memos from different user in different colours are shown together with the processing date and the processing period.

HTML, PDF, MediaWiki file types - Make your document available to the web or in MediaWiki file types for publication in Wiki using Writer's HTML exports. Share in Portable Document Form (.pdf) to ensure that what you are writing is what your readers see. OpenDocument is the new global document storage and retrieval tool for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Word.

You are not bound to Writer in this XML-based form. From any OpenDocument conform package you can retrieve your document. DOCX &.doc Backup - Writer can of course view all your older Microsoft Word files or store your work in Microsoft Word to send to anyone who still uses Microsoft applications.

It can also open.docx documents that have been generated with Microsoft Office 2007 or Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac OS X.

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