Penpals for passengers We' re publishing occupant portraits, photographs and contacts. After you have chosen a Penfriend, you have the possibility to send your first news for free. Contacts with Penpals in jail are then kept up by regular letter. Occupants paying for penpal profile. This revenue is used for the running expenses and for our scholarships, welcome home kits, reintegration programs and a variety of other non-commercial community programs aimed at minimizing relapses and eventually assisting prisoners to help themselves.

Convicts from district detention centres, state detention centres, national detention centres, death rows and rehab centres across the nation have published reports. We' ve also got detainees from outside the United States. If you are not on our website, you can perform an prisoner finder to find them.

Occupant search capabilities are available for each site. You are also encouraged to join our prison forum to discuss related issues with other members, such as what to expect when meeting an detainee, deathwatch, letters, visits, various correctional and more.

Six-week high. Endless possibilities.

Some new authors: Recurring writers: Which is the write-a-thon? The students sit down on their own private write-a-thon page, define their own objectives and then work towards them. Your relatives and your loved ones can make a donation to help. It' like a walking race, but with a letter. What can the Write-a-thon do for you? Research shows that goal-making as part of a fellowship is a strong way to help yourself reach your objectives.

This fellowship can sometimes be difficult to find in a lonely area like the letter. This is where we come in: The Write-a-thon unites former CW graduates, lecturers, Seattle authors and new acquaintances from all over the globe in a big, cheerful pool. If you want to calmly aim for humble targets this summers or if you want to give it all with our Seattle meetings, we have everything under control.

Sponsorship an authorSearch for an author you know or search for interesting work. Supporting you means the whole wide globe to us. More than one authorWould you like to sponsore more than one author at the same time? Each year during the Write-a-thon, our fellowship comes up with particular challenges and chances. Postcards from your author! Appropriate contributions!

Write reviews! Have a look at all the astonishing possibilities with your favourite authors or let yourself be murdered in outercity! Contributions are acceptable by PayPal, credit/debit or cheque. With every contribution that can be used as a contribution receipts, you will get a thank-you note. Once you have sent us your contribution, you will be sent a thank-you note confirming your contribution.

Use this document as a document for taxation use. Many thanks to our 2018 Write-a-thon sponsors! The fellowship has already taken up the challenges.

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