Write your own Story Online for free

You can write your own story online for free.

Create and write free online storybooks! Dltk's free diary in your own story and a free online diary. You are invited to share your stories with Online Short Story Platform-> DAWRITER. All I want to do is play episode and write my own story! After all your episodes are error-free, you can update your story.

So what are some good online portals to publish and get positive feedbacks?

Apart from Mibba.com, there are many others I've come across: http://www.movellas.com/http://byliner.com/http://www.protagonize.com/From my experiences, I've seen that the authors/readers in most of these boards have very different interactions. Much will depend on how they market their websites and who their original client was. Clever folks, put on clever folks.

Now, the story's contents may indeed be good, and I don't think my letter is flawless, but I have a wish to get better and to write well, you have to be good at reading. I' m not sure you'll get good discerning reviews, a feeling of togetherness, and a good audience in one place.

They do everything I wanted to do with my original plan with write-o-rama, and do it well. I was fortunate to have a powerful group around me who are great people and support me very much. Want a place where they could personally exchange their WIP and designs with other members of the fellowship to get their testimonial.

So, I moved the spotlight and did Write-O-Rama to do it. The winners/40s are all very powerful authors.

Writing a convincing page about us (with examples and a template)

Together with the FAQ and contact pages, the About Us page is one of the first pages you are likely to build for your website, no matter what you do. If visitors want to know more about you or your company, it is the page they are looking for. Unfortunately, About us pages are too often seen as a commitment and not as a precious way to communicate with your clients by marketing your history, your visions, your missions and what makes you, YOU.

With many About Us pages, the issue is that they are an aftermath - a hyperlink that' s hidden in the bottom of a website and takes you to some hurriedly typed articles about a business. A About Us page should be a targeted merchandising page that concentrates on emphasising the greatest merchandising arguments in your history and your brands and leaving a powerful impressio[ Read

When someone wants to quickly comprehend your trademark, your About Us page should be the only page you are sending them. This is because your About Us page is the perfect place to host a range of destinations: Share the history of your company and why you founded it. Please describe the customer or the cause your company is serving.

Describe your company or how your product is manufactured. Give your company a face, with the company founder or the members of your group. Integrate compelling contents (e.g. an explanatory film, visualisations of your personal information, hyperlinks to blogs) that could otherwise confuse your homepage. Briefly, your About Us page is a home for your foundation history, a place to show your company profits, and a sell-side that will answer the most urgent questions new clients have about your company outside why they should buy its products:

Best About us pages achieve their objectives by tell a story about a trademark. Each story needs a mainstay and each page about us too. Sometimes they are you or your foundation group. Others allow you to handle your company as its own personality with its own story.

In both cases, it's about showing the changes - beginning in one place and ending in another - what your About Us page should do when your site is scrolled by people. To create a story for your About Us page, use the following formula: Present the character or the settings and determine the current situation or "how it was" for you, your targeted customers or your sector.

Present the problem: Describe the issue that prompted you (the protagonist) to act. Take up the challenge: Describe how you are looking for a possible solutions (i.e. setting up your company) and the barriers you face on your way there. Tell us how your company is doing and what you have achieved.

Draw a vision of the forthcoming for your business or set out its vision and objectives. because of[ EXPLAIN PROFILE IN YOUR INDUSTRY]. We[ STATES YOUR MOISSION FORWARD]. Remember that typing your original copy in the first character (e.g. I, We) will help to establish a more intimate relationship with your audiences.

The About Us page is About YOU, so don't be afraid of it. Score these points and you should have the story tree (not necessarily the copy you will use) that you can build into your About Us page. But a story is just the beginning. The good About us page not only tells the story behind a firm - it shows it.

These are some other elements that you may want to integrate into your About Us page, not only to concretise your story, but also to identify your own brands and explain why you are doing it. In some cases, their businesses' models are their unmatched performance promise and may be a sales argument to be mentioned on their About Us page.

Getting rid of the intermediary and passing the money on to your clients. You procure the material for your products (for example, production in a particular company or by making work centers available for a particular community). This is a break-down of the share of your earnings going to a charitable organization. When visibility could enhance your brands, your About Us page is a good way to summarise your delivery chains, how your company works, and link them to the missions that drive you.

That is often achieved with an illustrated presentation of your company in an easily digestible way, as used by Taaluma Totes, explaining how they procure material for their product and how they help to fund the countries of org. You can publish your review, news release or user-generated material on your "About Us" page to show how it affects your clients or your sector.

There' s a wide range of ways to incorporate corporate evidence into your About Us page, from embedded Instagram Gallery with client stories, to displaying the logo of the publication you have captured, to emphasizing a quotation you have taken from a client rating. Reviews, accolades and other prizes are frequent instances of landmarks that can help you tell the world.

Figures give you credence, especially when you illustrate a issue you are trying to resolve or the advancement you have made as a corporation (e.g. number of articles you' ve been selling or years in business). Look at the statistics you can use to make a point about your corporate vision or measure your impacts as a corporation that you can put on your About Us page.

No matter whether you explain the sector issue at the beginning of your story or highlight the landmarks at the height of your story, linking pertinent numbers in your story can help you get your story across more efficiently. By giving your brands a face, you can humanise them, convey your corporate identity and put the right image on the faces of the individuals who drive your busines.

And even if you only emphasize the creators, your About Us page can be an opportunity to create your own unique label and communicate how your history and expertise suit you and your business well to your markets. When you can, you should confuse the different types of medium on your About Us page to create a change and split the text in your page out.

You can at least incorporate high-quality behind the scene photographs that draw the curtains back and give your guests an insight into your company. Or if you've made an investment in a movie that will help people get to know you, your story or your product, your About Us page is a good home for it.

You About Us page can also be used to direct traffic to other parts of your website or online site, whether it is a blogs posting or a community member area. Make sure you include all of your copy's pertinent hyperlinks and consider how to proceed with the visitor's trip by encourage him/her to do so:

The About Us page will be about you, but that doesn't mean you can't get some of your own thoughts from others, especially when it comes to texture and ingenuity. Below you will find a few samples of how you can create your About us page. I' ve inserted full screen shots of the pages so that you can see the complete information and images in order to schedule your own page.

Let's first take a look at Wrightwood's About Us page: a straightforward, text-centric way to tell her story. Letters to clients use formattings and type size strategies to produce a wide range of texts instead of depending on other kinds of medium. But what it does best is to hold its own in the furnishing sector against larger rivals and tell a story about the expertise and enthusiasm of small businesses against the situation that has been created by larger wards.

It also ends with a thank you from the entrepreneurs to the clients who decide to go shopping with them. MVMT history, on the other side, uses paragraphs to tell different parts of it. The focus is on the two co-founders of the business who quit their studies and photographs of them to give their name a face before they embark on their promises and ultimately their work.

However, what is noteworthy about the page layout here is that you can divide it into three parts that you can also use to organise your own About Us page: She recounts her story in the form of a concentrated biography before focusing again on the readers with the apt title "Which bring me to you".

If you have a businessman who has a private label that fits your shop, this look of an About Us page could be better. Your store can be treated as an important section in a much wider range of storylines, beginning at the beginning and ending where your perfect readers are presented as characters.

Brands' quintessence lies in the emotions and their name. Such another good place to begin your story is with why your shop carries a particular name. The Cotopaxi company follows this path by declaring the individual relevancy of the name to its creators before telling the remainder of their story through the measures they have taken in setting up the company and tracking their case.

Rather, the story is narrated through a film, images and a scarce copy that evokes the concept of endurance, research and embrace of the essence. To a certain extent, her About Us page is more of a "About the Customer" page that portrays the buyers as protagonists in her movie before she brings it back to her promises as a busines.

It is a move away from the copy-driven pages described above, but it works in favor of WP Standard as a trademark with few words or for trademarks that want to say a great deal by saying very little. If you start, it might look like there's not much to say on your About Us page.

However, if you have a point of departure and know why you are doing what you are doing to serve your clients, you have enough to get started. Over the years, you can extend the mile stones you have passed as you grew and improve your "About Us" page. For those who are already familiar with their own history, it might be worthwhile to take a look at your analyses to see if new users visit your About Us page regualar.

Perhaps it's case to filming other accomplishment at it and point to nutriment your playing period us region kind the treasure online advantage it's implementation to be for your commerce.

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