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If you like thrillers or fan fiction stories, this is the app for you. All I want to do is play episode and write my own story! Scribble is an application that allows children to imagine, write and illustrate their own stories. This apps let your child write and publish his own bedtime stories. So what are some of the apps similar to Wattpad?


With TaleAtory you can enjoy astonishing free reading of brief tales. If you like thrillers or fans fun stuff, this is the application for you. Tale A Story also lets you create shorts with your buddies and loved ones from all over the globe. You can only draw the line with your fantasy.

It' easy, think of a name, insert a picture and type the first few paragraphs. Have your acquaintances join or just sit back and relax. History will develop when everyone contributes their part. Although we like to read and read, we know it can be dull on its own. That' is why we developed TaleAtory to make scripting socially and entertaining and to read them quickly, quickly and entertainingly.

Tale A Story is for you if you like titles like Hunger Games, Divergent, The Fault In Our Stars and Harry Potter. Even if you like wattpad, hoked, creepy tales, fictional fans or just a little bit of child sex, you won't be dissapointed. If you like to tell or just chat with avid readers and bibliophiles all over the globe, try TaleAtory.

There are new tales added every day!

Questions of the author

All I want to do is play episode and make my own history! Where do I begin? We are pleased that you are interested in creating your own tales! About the Episode Writer Portal Episode Writer Portal is a place where you can build, maintain and post your own episodes for our favorite portable application Episode - Choose Your Story. With Episode Writer Portal you can easily add, edit and share your own episodes.

With our collection of over a hundred wallpapers, clothes and character and our easy direction tool, you can quickly build your own game! Whose is my history? You can' t have your history sold to a film or television studios, turned into a novel, or hired a new author to make your own without your consent.

However, you should carefully study the conditions of use, as we are licenced to advertise your history and to use it in advertisements, among other things. Also we have all the animation and artwork from the episode plattform, so you can't take it with you. Please see the Episode Conditions of Use for more information.

So what happens if you choose to show my history? When we choose to present your history, we will send you an e-mail telling you what we need from you to publish the history in our section "Featured Stories", along with a treaty for you to verify. We will then take the history to quality control, where we will look for errors, ask you to correct them and then make them available to the people!

Attempt to read some of the tutorials we have here and here to find samples of how you can make a selection and branch your history. When I test my history, why does the selection I choose make no distinction? The reason may be that you used to play your history and did not restore the status of the game.

Whenever you test your history, make sure to press the "Navigation" tab and then the "Reset History Status" tab. This means that you didn't finish your ending properly. Expisodes must end with a series of dialogs or the style of a person. So how old do I have to be to make a history?

The episode platform requires at least 13 years of ages. When you are 13 to 17 years old, you must have parents' approval to file and publicize your history. Are you going to release my tale without my consent? No. Episode will never release your tale without your consent.

Where can I post a history in the application? If you want to post a history to the application, tap the Post as soon as your history fulfills the minimal requirements: You must have a history of at least 3 epi. Every epsisode must contain at least 400 rows of dialog.

Each episode must be error-free and comply with our content guidelines. Where can I find out how to keep my posted history in the application? After all your stories are error-free, you can refresh your history. So you can select how many stories go up at a time so you don't unintentionally release incomplete stories!

How do I find my history in the application? You can find publicized articles in the "Trending" section of the user reports. In order to help gamers find the best tales, we will sort them by the number of tales that they have had. Or use the browse toolbar to find certain histories in the application.

What can I do to enhance the rankings of my storyline in the application? As soon as tales are released, their status in the application depends on how much they are actually used. If you want to increase your rank: keep your history up to date. Updated with at least 3 Episode, so folks can see. Hire your friends on and let them know when you make an upgrade!

Episode crew will look back on the top storys in the feature application. There''s no precise equation to represent your history, but we suggest the following: Post a truly original storyline that brings us to the first 20 rows of "WOW!

It is a tale that keeps us busy, not one in which we can foretell the end after the first part. We like to hear tales with many useful decisions that make a real impact. When we begin your storyline and it has a bad pronunciation and many wrongly written words, we will stop it.

Do I have to finish my storyline when I release it? We' d like to see a whole series of promising and evolving stories, but you don't need a ready -made one. Where can I split my storyline with others on line? You' ll find the sharing of your storyline at the end of your storyline-scripts.

It' a hyperlink that you can send by e-mail to your friend, post to our authoring forum, or join our community to get everyone to see your stories! Who is " Readers' Loyalty "? Readers' loyalty (also referred to as readership ) is a measurement of how well your stories keep readers up. The second episode looks at the number of persons who begin your narrative and matches it to the number of persons who complete each section.

As more and more folks complete each section, the higher your retentions. In general, we are looking for tales that have a high level of retentivity. This is because it allows us to see how the reader is into a narrative without being dependant on the number of readings of a narrative. For example 1: Example 2: In example 1 we can see that although the history is reading more, the overall response is lower than the history in example 2.

This episode uses retentive score to gauge how well our own histories are doing with our readership. This is also used in connection with our rating section to choose users' histories and determine the competition winner. How can I get feedbacks to my tales? The Authors Forums have a wealthy and supporting fellowship where you can write your own testimonial!

So what can't be in my history? We may not be able to display or advertise any of the tales that contain indecent or indecent contents. We' re looking for tales suitable for people aged 13 and older. Some of the indecent contents may be:: You further acknowledge and accept that your history does not contain any material that violates anyone's IP, public or private information protections.

Such use may involve the unauthorised use of copyright or other parties' works, such as extracts or extracts from literature, TV or films; any reference to actual people or places that could infringe the public's right or private life. What are the reasons for removing tales from the application?

Storylines are deleted from the application because they do not comply with our contents policy. When you' re not sure if your history complies with the rules - we're here to help you. Just give us a voucher and we will do our best to respond to your question. Can I deactivate the selection of gems in a history?

There are several ways to disable the selection of gems in a history. Make sure you enter your storefront e-mail as well as the cover and link of the relevant history. Episode Writer is a free online writing tool and if you are at least 18 years old and deserve the necessary least lectures, you are eligible to participate in the Writer's Payment Progam.

Didn't you find the answers to your questions? For more information, see our Episode Support FAQs.

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