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Make your own story

Hear your own story with Autumn Beam episodes for free, on request. Wait! Have you always wanted to write a story, like the one in "Freund" or a favourite book? The Write Your Own Storybook is full of inspiring ideas for all kinds of stories, with room for you to write them, and writing tips to help you on your way. It' s this uniqueness that leads you to your success.

I'm so happy to share my story with you!

Writing your own story book by Jane Chisholm

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Achieving great things: Hints from a Pixar artist

One day we are hoping that the history of our lives is great. Emma Coats, a Pixar storyline board performer, has recently published a short listing of 22 basic storylining principles that are just as relevant to your daily lives and work. The subject is important, but you will not know what the whole thing is about until you are through.

How is your personality feeling? Think of your end before you imagine our midst. Choose how you want your storyline to end and work backwards. Begin with something lighter. Note down what doesn't work. Describe what you should not do. Movement creates notions.

In them we see something that we see in ourselves: Don't just adore one individual or one shop. Consider why you are admiring them and do more of what you do. Acquire the best from others and make it your own. If you put it on piece of cardboard, you can begin to repair it.

As long as it remains in your head, every concept is great. Histories are built on action, not thoughts - turn your thoughts into action that you can enhance. Submit yourselves. You should not try, especially if that means you have to compromise your faith, your ethic or your point of views. Do you know the distinction between what you do and what you do?

Later on, you can further improve it on the basis of the view that really counts: your clients. So what is the faith that burns in you that your history lives off you? Walk through the movements and your history isn't just dull for everyone else.

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