Write your own novel

Writing your own novel

Investigating what it takes to write a great horror work. Ever wonder what it takes to write your own book? Create your own innovative software I' m using Words, Lorraine. I have the feeling that most authors use default text processors for PCs or Macs, but I might be inaccurate. Yes, I use Microsoft Office - I do almost all my plans with pen and note.

I' ve met a lot of folks who believe in Scrivener, which is only available for Mac.

One of my friends, who is quite new to typing and has just signed up with us on the WW, used Scrivener, but I think he said it had some disadvantages and he could turn into a Windward-pack. Visit www.mynovel.biz and see the demonstration of your application.

I' ve written an 83,000-word novel with it and find it brill. Hello, I only use the term, but I just watched the demonstration proposed by musicicat. Hello everyone, thanks for your feedback. Now I use Write You Own Novel default softwares, which is good, but there are some functions I thought they wouldn't work.

Thanks, Musicat - for the tip on the on-line softwares.

Compile your own new Professional Software version 2 for PC/Mac

I always wanted to make my own books, but didn't know where to begin. Every publisher will tell you that the keys to creating a winning work are in the pipeline. Leverage the power of your own novel to organize your storyline into clear sections and scenarios that can be shifted with the groundbreaking Drag'n'Drop StoreboardĀ .

You' re free to work between typing your storyline, evolving your character, constructing an action and placing places, etc. With clever spelling aids and thousands of handy notes and advice, you'll be led through everything from choosing what kind of books you want to make, how you want to tell the tale, to making a tick to begin each section, to a cliffhanger to keep the reader busy all the way.

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