Write your own Book Online

Writing your own book online

It is not a contribution about writing or how to write a good book. Rather, they set up their own business and charge for their services themselves. All printing, distribution and sales to online and offline retailers are managed by us. An ill-written book will not sell, no matter how cheap it is! I' d never thought I would write a book or become a published author.

Writing and publishing your own print book and eBook tickets, multiple appointments

The 7-times writer Sarah Cordiner shows you the precise instructions for creating and editing your own textbook in printed or eBook. You' ll go through the whole creative cycle until you press the big'Publish' buttons on Amazon and the big bookshops, get your titles into your library and have the best of it - when you complete this course, you'll have a genuine copy in your hand!

ONLY for November, this course will also open a free hidden Facebook group where Sarah will post regularly and post real time video every night; you can ask a question every night and discuss your progression with your colleagues. That course covers online: As a child I have always liked reading and I still enjoy buying a new one and leafing through the informative pages.

By 2015 this vision had become a real one; and in the last 2 years I have edited 7 of my own works (5 of which are printed books); and 4 of them have been ranked number 1 bestseller in several international category. After going through the letter and self-publication processes seven days AND now being in this magic place where my textbooks are on the bookshelves, I have put together this on-line course for you to show you the precise, detailed way to write and publish your printed textbook and e-book.

It is one of the greatest things I have found in authoring and releasing literature that it is far from as difficult as you can imagin. As a matter of fact, I have written my first volume - and in 72 hrs. with a budgeted less than $50, I have brought it to the number 1 in the Amazon.

You' ll see one of my genuine ledgers being released in reality - every push of a switch - so you can watch it every little bit of the way and post your ledgers at the end of the course. IN THIS ONLINE-COURSE WHAT DO YOU GET?

To remind you, this on-line course will show all this in demo video so you know exactly how to do it, not just what you need to do: This course will appear on your memberashboard if you are already a member of the Edupreneur Academy!

Simply reschedule until November 1 and it will appear in your Dashboard, along with the Facebook Groups Mystery page linkt. This course is free if you are a member of the'Edupreneur Academy' - for only $47 you get admission to ALL of my textbooks and classes!

OR, join the Edupreneur Academy for $47 per calendar year and you will receive this course and over 30+ other classes, all my textbooks and all upcoming classes (and it is a cancellation ONE TIME membership).

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