Write your novel

Writing your novel

" To write a novel can seem like a Herculean task. You're writing or thinking about writing a novel. Are you dreaming of writing a novel while following your copywriting career? While I may not be able to write your novel for you, I can help you hear the conventional wisdom writer often when they start putting words on the page. One of the most original and powerful writers of the 20th century, Norman Mailer never wrote a really great novel.

Writing your novel quickly and securely

Writing high-quality pages quickly and professionally. Themes are, among others, premises, storyline spin, signature, fatal mistake, plots, setting, polished scenes and part. You' ll find out how to create a log line, a questionaire, a summary, a beatsheet and an outlines. You can sketch your novel and get 30 pages of criticism in optional 1.

You will get a review of your first 100 pages in optional 2. The course is led by an expert mentor/coach. A typing trainer teaches you how to quickly and efficiently edit pages. It focuses on help you preserve your own distinctive voices and visions for your history.

Her teacher, Christine DeSmet, has adopted this footage from her success in retreating and the in-depth auditing work she has done with authors throughout the year. She has assisted authors in all phases to achieve a wide range of objectives, from the beginning of their first novel to mediation or commercial. If you have optional 1 (basic level), you will be writing your novel with a tutor - from the ideas phase through your outline/beat spreadsheet to a three-part suggestion for an agen.

You can use optional 2 (Pro-Level) to create your novel from the ideas phase to the "magic page 100" with an optional coach and critic until the end. You can work at your own speed and last up to one year. Subjects are, among others, loglines, premises, story spin, characters sheet, disastrous mistakes, plots, settings, scenes and vocals.

You' ll find out how to create a log line, a questionaire, a summary, a beatsheet and an outlines. You will then be taught how to create a scene in "set piece" style. Find out how you can eliminate the mess on your pages and insert the things that are important for your employees, writers and reader. Every session contains actions for you to help you type and keep you typing.

You' ll receive immediate feedbacks on your pages and overhauls. At the end of each session, tutorials will guide you through the process of actually typing your first 30 pages (Option 1, Elementary ) or your first 100 pages or more (Option 2, Advanced). Authors can choose to buy extra page reviews.

This selection lets you output only what you need to write your novel your way. If you have any question, please contact the teacher by e-mail. You work at your own speed. If you need a time limit to support you, your trainer will help you with it.

This course can be started at the base stage and then traded up to the per stage at any time. Or, begin at the per-plane. It'?s your call. We provide all feedbacks, criticisms and instructions in a nourishing, professionally conducted way, with the focus on the great pleasure of being a novelist.

You are new to typing and want top class service right from the beginning. They can' t maintain their habits of typing and need a mentor/coach to keep the pages up. Would you like help with your sales consulting and typing skills? The course concentrates on your novel composition. Every lesson contains the essential to write a novel with confidence and certainty.

Your page and exercise feedbacks replace the need for textbook in this course, but authors are always invited to take the great advise found in the many good "how-to" textbook in your bookstore or bookstore. In your teacher's welcome note, you will find a few works that most authors have agreed to include great suggestions.

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