Write your novel

Writing your novel

Now Willis dedicates Ten Strategies to Write Your Novel to the special pleasures and challenges of working with a large fictional screen. Do you love writing, but do you feel discouraged by the idea of writing a full-length novel? Authors who have lived the dream share their best tips. "'A writer is someone who finishes writing. You started a novel, but you're having trouble finishing it, aren't you?

1. Consistently find a writing period.

"Why should I compose a novel?" you ask yourself. They should compose a novel because they have a history to tell, and since no one else is you, no one else can do it. The second lesson of the game is the ideal moment to begin your novelriting.

You' re starting today because now all you know is So, when you have finished this item, please type quickly. That novel of yours could have such a great frontpage! Consistently find a good enough writer for your work. Put it on a timetable. You' ll find that you can type every morning during your midday breaks.

So if you keep up the tempo, you'll have a whole novel ready sometime in July. You' re only six month away from finishing an entire novel! That is why a timetable is important. Composing a novel can be as daunting as trying to get from Los Angeles to New York by groveling, but if you just concentrate on scribbling your words for the rest of the days and keeping an eye on your goals, it gets a lot simpler.

Stick to your timetable as best you can. Things will get in the way of your novel-projects. You' re staying out too long. Her friend can abandon you (which would be a surprise, as you two go so well together....) In a dramatic and ironic way, your dog can be run over by the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.

You' ve got to be strict and follow your own timetable, but you must also forgive. Re-configure your timetable. Find out when your novel will be finished and continue. Well, maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. However, you will know for sure that you are a better author than you were at the beginning, and even if this novel is not good, your next one will be better.

Also, check out all the applications available to help you in your search! Any good author needs a notepad. Dragoon Dictation is an application that converts your words into text when the idea comes, but you control the Air Force One and your co-pilot is in the toilet.

It' an application that games fies use! There' s a ranking list and penalties and awards for reaching or not reaching your target. FreeTom is an application that is blocking the web, enabling authors to just type and not think about the waste of writer effort when they read Penny Arcade. Tell us your novel idea below!

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