Write your Book

Writing your book

Do you want to receive a daily advice? It is a compressed form of a few talks I have had with my fellow undergraduates, acquaintances and colleagues about how they can turn their skills into a textbook, course or document. That is the cognition that I am multitude (and recommend) to outline your message commodity and point point to point. They begin with a spotlight on the costly issues, go one step further into the peculiarities of the costly issue (think of this as a "topic level"), and then go a third step further into the issues specifically asked by individuals on the issue ("question level") to quickly be able to post something that is of value to prospective and existing/customer.

Begin by defining the costly issue that the one who would purchase this will experience. This costly issue is at the core of what you teach them how to resolve it. Stage 2: What are the 10 major issues / issues that tackle the costly one?

Brainstorm about the costly issue, what are the top ten (there could be more or less than 10, just for 10 goals) issues or issues that you would like this item to cover? This is a subset of the costly issue, issues that deal with a particular part of the costly one. I used this procedure to design a manual about "Blogger Outreach for eCommerce Store Owners".

I have thought up these issues for example for the section "Identifying blogs": What is the difference between "target market", "target group" and "target blogs"? What is your identification of your group and your destination markets? What do you think of the blog in your targeted markets? What do you do with Google to find your blog in your targeted markets?

What is a'reverse repetitive analysis' and how do you find a blog with it? What are your competition doing to find a blog? What is the use of an analytics tool to find a blog? What recommendations can you use to find a blog? What do you use competitors' ratings to find a blog? They' recognized the costly issue.

They know the peculiar issues you address in each section. The first design simply focuses on responding to the question step by step. You just concentrate on responding to your own question. As soon as you have answered the question, you can go through an edit to make everything work better. However, at this point you have a checklist of ~80-100 answers, all of which are related to the expensive problem you solve for your perfect client.

The flesh of the textbook will give you the answers to these and more. To put it in perspective, that's what this tutorial created for me for the book'eCommerce Blogger Outreach' (PDF Mindmap). Since then, my trial has been to approach the issues as I like them and write as much or as little as I need to respond to the issue.

As soon as I have replied to every single answer, I will go through a round of work on the volume to make it work. I' used the word'book' per tonne here, but that also goes for all other products: Please e-mail me with your thoughts, queries and comments.

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