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Writing your book

Do you think you have a book inside you? The most important thing: To write a good book, you need a good idea. Nobody wants to read a book without an idea, no matter how well it's written. It'?s not easy to write a book.

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Writing a Bible

Whilst it is simple to type a novel on the side, the knowledge of how to actually type a novel and where the F begins can be a bit of a fright. Here 11 writers who will be at the Hay Festival from May 24 to June 3 will pass on their advice and hints for the launch of their next work.

1. My best suggestion is to hear what you are feeling and writing exactly what you are feeling, not what you think other folks want to do. Don't try to think of delighting everyone who will be reading your work, because in the end you will not please anyone and above all yourself.

"Publishers buy no ideas - you have to show them the completed manuscript" "You really have to take a seat and type all ninety thousand words and they have to be really good - unless you are Beyoncé, nobody cares about your idea", even if your ideas are the best ever.

It is only possible for editors and editors to buy completed scripts, so the unfortunate fact is that you have to switch off and start recording the tweet. In order to resolve this issue, I give myself a small everyday typing target - I usually want to type three hundred words every single working days, which is so good that I never fear it.

Whenever I say over three hundred words, I always have the feeling of a super star and that keeps spurring me on! "4 "4. take frequent pauses, but be angry to say when your inspirations strike' "Break the page. In the mornings, look around with refreshing clarity and ask yourself whether this will be as interesting, exciting and exciting as it felt to you the one before.

When the muse is with you, please be angry while she is your muse. Whatever reasons - hormones, tomcats, bothersome neighbors, children--may get in the way, so type like a fierce thing while walking is good. "Don't be shy about showing your work to other people" "First you have to make a start: drag a line down - even if you don't like it - you can work on it later.

Second, don't be shy about giving your work to someone else to give it to someone else to see in a new light, but you could be spared that if you have more than one line.... After all, if your text has all those rows below, find out which Frahlinguren or publishing houses are best suited for your script and find out which person from actual living is best suited.

6. I was about to write my work for the four tense month, but I was sure by the generosity of my listeners, but also by the profound belief that I had a good news to share.

Instead of trying to type more heels, I painted images, written imaginative stories for the key messages of each section and cycled to myself on a bike. So, if you're pinned, try to move away from this keypad and easily articulate your most profound beliefs. "The good thing about novelists is that there is no hidden agenda - you just have to take your sweetheart' s sweetheart and get started.

Just to get you on your way. Besides, you don't have to begin at the beginning of the script (this can be corrected later) - if you have a sequence in your mind that you can see clearly, then type that. "8 "8. reading, watching television and consuming as many movies as possible" "The knowledge you receive is to spread out and widely and yes, that is it.

Don't overestimate your addictions. When it makes you feeling better, look around and realize that you are not alone in this obsession. The history you're making. "I always say that typing is like any other kind of artwork, except that we have to make our own material first; we are carvers who have to make our own music.

You may be clumsy and clumsy, but if you don't put anything on your side, you have nothing to work with. Attempt to form your tone into something you find good or real (or, if you are Keats, both). Otherwise: writing constantly; insatiable reading; reckless editing.

As soon as your work is finished, it becomes a question of skill and time. It has to be beautifully crafted and inventive - or at least an inventive way of looking at trusted themes - but publication also relies on time. You should instead create a textbook that you would buy. They are the only dependable barometers of the attractiveness of your novel.

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