Write your Book

Writing your book

Compose your memoirs in six month' s time - an exlusive patron programme for authors If you choose to send a memorandum, you begin a trip into the core of who you are. You' ll create a painting of your own or part of your own lives with the help of memory, desire, fantasy and typing skills. They begin the long and curvy road to the novelist and finally to the publishing director.

That is the aim of most memoryists. While you may want to take a lesson from your history or even pay some old bills (internal and external), most of the time you want to write a note and sharing your knowledge and history - if you can only do it! We know, as trainers and authors ourselves, that good, consequent typing comes into being and thrives on being structured, responsible and encouraged.

Those are the pillars of your memory in Six Mountains. She and a group of eleven other writers will take a trip together, culminating in the textbook you want, need and long to have. We' re treating the whole memorization procedure like the trip it is.

These are the five things we think every memoir writer needs for this trip: Texture - Your computer should be consistent (daily for a brief period of the day is ideal). Good - the pure resolve to type and type, to consulte, work on, reconsider and more. Patient - it will take a while to compose a work. You can only take one shot at a while.

We' re two fervent supporters of memoirs who have accompanied several hundred writers through the production of their scripts up to their publish. This course supports you every stage of the way - with the necessary emotive assistance that such a trip demands.

Courses Overview

You want to compose a textbook but don't know where to begin - or what to do? How to Channel Your Booktraining shows you how to use your creative muse to make your books virtual and self-write. Channeling is about being in the "zone" and permitting our aware minds and our inner critics to become silent so that we can penetrate the joint minds.

By channeling performers, musicans and writers, they are producing their best and most exalted work. You can call it the "Spirit of God," the Archangels or the Angels, your leaders, the ascending Master, your self or simply the "universal Spirit. Here, the principals you are learning are applicable to all.

While the course concentrates on channeling a textbook, the discussed principals can be used: During this period you may even receive a first sketch of your work. Notice that my fastest channeled work, which was 12,000 words long, took 3 months from typing the first few words until the work was available in press and to readers worldwidely.

It only came in when I opened up to him. Altogether there are over one hr tutorial videos, three hr meditation and two hr casestudies. In order to begin softly, you' ll be taught how to silence your spirit so that you can adapt to your own creativity - and optional associate yourself with your tour guides.

You can use what you will be learning this weeks for every imaginative assignment and get an overview of everything. Find out how to develop a metastructure for your work so that your channeled information fit cleanly into your designs for your work. It' very helpful to know when a volume is out. As one writes a work with view of the reader's metamorphosis and so actually finishes the work.

As one writes in installment, so that the readers are enchanted. Find out how you can channelize your'future self'. Quickly provide the most important contents for your work and receive a first design within a few week or even two. Find out how you can use your dream time to be ingenious.

Learn how to use such random events in your covers and how to create a descriptive text to inspire a readers to buy your work. Like to channelize the answers to each and every one of these questions and how this skill can be interwoven into your work... or how to use it in your work and work.

This final unit teaches you how to set up your authoring platforms and a variety of ways to split your creativity while asleep. We also have some awesome case studies with some other accomplished writers who have shared their knowledge and experiences.

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