Write your Book

Writing your book

" It' time for you to take control and write! You know in your heart that you were meant to write a book? It' to write your book. What for 100 GUARANTEEs? You' d think no one could write a book in 100 jours.

Not a good book at all. It should take longer to write a book. When' s the last 100-day period that you concentrated on your work? Focussing on this can change your lifestyle. You' ll write more than you ever have (enough for one book).

A book - even a long one - should not take longer than three month, the length of a year. If you write a book in a brief amount of timeframe like this, it will give your letter a lot of power and concentration. That' s why we believe that 100 working hours is the ideal moment to write the first design of your book.

Yes, your book will need more work afterwards, so we will also guide you through the work. But after 100 jours, you've done the most important thing: You' ll have penned a book!

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You can now write your own book in Starbound for all your notes! For an introductory tutorial, please check out your next InfinityExpress. It will add a basic handicraft workstation where you can write your own book from within the handicrafts and even sharing it with your mates.

At the moment there is only one book covering model, but I am planning to introduce more in the near future. This should also work well on a pre-requisite that both the clients and the servers have the modem in use. To open your stock via the botton in the side bar to insert your stock in. suggest using the insert feature to insert any text into your book, inclusive text with commas. period of course, but you can have several of these.

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