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Which motivations do you have to write your biography? Easy advice to write a wonderful book about your life, your autobiography. With a word processor and all the information you have collected and generated from the previous steps, you write your autobiography. Are you thinking of writing an autobiography? These are the reasons why you should write your memoirs today to preserve your legacy.

And if you wrote your autobiography, what would the last line be?

Now, the name of my autobiography will be "The Incomplete Life of the Unfortunate Chemical Engineer of India". That'?s the way I'd finish my autobiography. To be hated, to be self-loving and to be able to fall in touch with others........ When I write about my autobiography, it's about the small changes or choices I've made and the impact they have on my own world.

Like these little changes and choices have changed my whole being over time. When I' m talking about my whole being, you know I' m always looking for changes. Every single working days I was confronted with new changes and therefore my whole existence never calmed down. I have seen in all lifestyles and stages how a small modification or choice can take you on a rollercoaster trip.

Living is a trip and in this trip, how to achieve your goal, on the basis of the changes and choices you make. So I would say it as the last line of the autobiography. This way, when a readership reads the last line, they realize that they don't have to make any big changes in their lives.

Autobiography would be Milestone Zero. I' ve been living half the lifetime of an ordinary person, with the only expectation of one of these days leaving in the wild, far away from specific countries. So this one line would be a signature of my autobiography: I would end my autobiography with a phrase that described me in two easy words if I ever wrote it (which I don't believe).

There is no playback, stop, forward or backward key in the game. To let the past just happened a second before you also don't plan ur futures your wasteful amount of fucking distractions by doing it. Attempt to please (ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!!) every instant loves the Big bang. Don't take anything serious in your whole being. When all the above is done, your live will move more quietly.

We have to focus our lives on people. My dear readers, no readings will protect you from the unavoidability of the world. Never mind everything you have seen on the preceding pages, go out and lead your own lives, make your own errors and experiences and learn.

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