Write what you want

You can write what you want

The first step in creating the life you want can be journaling. Type what you want to write. I would write about a middle-aged lady who sits in a café, does not wear make-up, drinks a cup of hot water, wonders what she will write about and tries to find out what she should make for supper. So that'?s not what I should be written about?

Don't just write what you know, unless you want to. You can write whatever you want. Describe what is important to you. Describe what interests you. You can write about your dream. Describe what you think others want to see. Type what you may want to but have not yet been.

Describe your passion. You can write about what you' re in pain. You can write about what frightens you. You can write about the things you always wanted to write about! No one has the right to tell you what you can or cannot write. They say: "You can't write about it because you haven't lived through it.

" Did Stephen King murder all the men he wrote about? Is E.L. James.... well, no matter what E.L. James does or doesn't do! However, if you want to write about a subject you don't know about, do your due diligence. If you are a novelist, you must fully believe in yourself; you must know that you can do what you want.

Be honest and let your readers believe what you say. While you can and can beautify the creation of universes and human beings, you must ensure that you remain true to the culture, race, custom and story of the human beings who are true to the universe. One has to respect the person one writes about.

Cause that' s your tale, your words, and you can tell it any way you want.

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