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This new series, Julia Langbein describes a book that doesn't exist: a book based on a current curiosity from the real world; a book that you will ideally write. Like I came to write this book. How is that a problem? Some years ago, when we formed this band, I had no idea that one day I would write a book.

Simple exchange - exchange any book you don't love.

Gilbert Ford, pseudonym Bosch, writes down his name in German.

With" a previously edited book", "Bosch" follows its own cover with an empty alternate and then sketches a fragmented plot full of circles and dots to fill in (which guarantees that a copy of the collection will not remain unchecked for long).

The" story" concerns two kids, A____ and Z____, who are looking for the missing author I.B. Anonymous. Featuring common breaks for tech support, called "pseudo intelligence", literary "pseudo-assignments", and ways to create rogues and other personalities - not to speak of disputes with a clever hare pen, off-topic notes and procrastinator diversions - the focus is more on pleasure than on teaching.

Fords accusing eyeballs on empty pages and like visible comments.

Be the author of this book: An It It Yourself Mysterium by Pseudonym Bosch, Paperback

It' seriously timed to finish this one. I bet you don't spell very quickly. Don't know what to put? OK, OK, I'll do the first one. In the beginning of a novel, many authors, especially idle authors like myself, try to catch their reader with a rapid, action-oriented television viewer, as you might see on TV in a detective story show.

That' hacking writes at the highest level. It'?s the beginning of your own work. Is the only riddle is why I'm such a lousy author that it makes you smile and cry? This is your opportunity to see a great author at work!

And, yes, I mean myself. And it all started with a smile, a scream and a blow. Smile was so noisy, Z____ was in the sack. Coming from across the way, it was like the laughter of a weirdo. The laughter was substituted by a despairing, penetrating scream before Z____ could lay down again.

" You were gesticulating towards the building across the road. From across the hall, the place seemed quiet. You now know that your neighbour is a writer. Did you surmise that this writer is I.B. himself? "I' ve been told that this is what authors do. "It was not words, it was a smile and then a cry, and then...""Well, what do you want to do?

"and that was the laughter you hear. Aren't all the authors to be mad? I. B.'s, then your neighbour must be out of his mind. It was his sibling who was right, Z____ thought: "In a writer's home, sound doesn't necessarily mean what you thought.

A short time later the doors of the neighbouring building opened and a few glances looked out into the darkness. Happy that he/she was not observed, the holder of these glasses crawled out of the hous. TEN MINUTE TO IMAGINE WHAT YOU'LL BE WEARING WHEN YOU'RE A FAMOUS WRITER. Did you like the beginning of your work?

While you may not see the bright side, as the writer of this volume, you can do it. It is all very well to have a free mind, but in my view it takes a certain amount of work. French people have a name for this pre-assembly method, as they do for many important gastronomic activities: the cheese in place.

In order to ensure that you have all the material you need for your books, I suggest you make a literatureise en place. I' m sure I could say that it'?s very important for the composition work. Now, what is necessary for the letter? You are free to choose to ignore it and make your own:

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