Write Story Online and Earn Money

Writing a story online and earning money

It can be done online /offline. Wish I could make money with what I love the most by writing fiction. As one writes articles for money. Today's programme features award-winning short story writer Douglas Smith explaining how to make money with short stories. And the idea that you can't make good money writing online.

Get Paid To Write - 6 Popular Ways to Make Money Writing Online

When you are good at typing or when you can easily put your idea into words, you can definitely get payed to write online. You do not need to be a pro author or an expert journalist. You can write an approximate $2000 or more per months posting article online. We will show you 6 different ways to earn even more money.

Composition of essays, research work, screenplays, advertising, etc. Preparation of juridical documentation, agreements, wills etc. There' s a very high request for authors for all these works. These pages have become the most favourite pages for free authors after the fusion of Elance & ODesk. It is one of my favourite places to find any kind of work.

Fiverr can join as a salesperson and then listing your typing service. iWriter: It is one of the exclusives pages for authors where you can find all kinds of freelancing work. They can begin with $5 for 500 words worth of paper and once sponsored you can make up to $40 for a 500 word paper.


If you don't want to make money, I suggest every author to launch a blogs. You can present your talents through the contents you post on your own blogs. It' simple to make a blogs. If you write an item for others, you will only earn a one-time revenue, but an item that has been created for you can earn you a lifelong revenue.

That'?s why blogs can make a lot of money. You can earn money with your blogs in several ways. The simplest way is to place advertisements on your ad serving list. There are several different items related to the subject that you write on your blogs and earn money from each sales that happens through your blogs.

When you have some great idea, skills or experiences that will help humanity, you can make an e-book, post it, and make money. Altough it looks all that easy not to release an e-book but its. You need a lot of work, research and endurance to get your e-book published.

We' ve posted a full story here to make money with eBook.

Once you have gained extensive knowledge in this field, you can publish your products in newspapers and journals. Between $50 and $300 per item, subject to the item's grade. There are 10 journals you can review that can cost you $500+ for an item. To make so much money from each item, you need to do a great deal of research for typing the item.

The length of the item should be more than 2000 words to be acceptable. Did you know that there is a great interest in eroticism on the web and hundred of writers are already making a lot of money with it? You have a number of ways to make money by posting sexy tales, such as building your own personal diary (very little competition), posting for other bloggers or businesses, or posting and selling your own book on Amazon and other favorite sites.

There are 6 most common ways to get payed to write. When you have experiences with other ways to earn money, let us know.

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