Write Stories Online for Fun

Writing stories online for fun

The following page shows a list of open stories. ""I thought it would be fun! Choose from a variety of styles and either publish them online or destroy them forever. "The plot generator can be a fun way to start your plot. It' more fun with friends when everyone shares.

Writing and having a good time together

Please have a look at the latest articles on the open tales below. To make a story entry, just click on the "Post" button below the last post below. Compiled by:: In the beginning of times, two deities clashed. During their struggle, the power that these two deities unleashed produced the world we know, and when the star was made, it dazzled Hu for a moment and allowed Eon to prick it in the back and break it into a thousand fragments.

Those parts of Hu's broken conscience hovered around the newly born cosmos for many hundreds of years and gradually crumbled to shatter. These dusts arrived on the ground and drizzled down on it for several day and night, soaking the ground and waters in Hu's mind. Out of this powder came the first deliberate existence, first animal and tree, later man kind became dominating on the ground, because they had a greater ability to save Hu's powder of awareness and so could release more of his powerful.

Eon, greatly diminished during the fight, recuperated over the years more and more from his sores and his corruptive impact on the rest of the worid became greater. She finally wants to take over Hu and take command of the universe and so, because of her corruptive influences, the struggle of the deities in each of us is on.

When one of us looses this battle, we become devastating and endangering everything that is living on it. Compiled by:: When Myrtle could go into different sizes when she went to sleep at nights. It was once the first that Myrtle Ariel, a dear acquaintance, had been there.

Ariel then unveiled what Myrtle really was and what really had been happening to her sire. She had somehow formed a connection with the man she had been upside down with since she was twelve years old, Dr. Leonard McCoy. Every single nocturnal moment when they fell sleep, their visions collided and created a meanworlds in which the adventure they were sharing was inextricable.

She' s fallen soleep, crushed and once again squashed by her mother' s agony, but still as lucky as she could be. Compiled by:: Compiled by:: She glanced out the Corolla windows as she pulled off the menthood cigarette and blew it out of the small tear in the auto pane, which she had thought was open enough to reach her end of a deal to start smoking when the pane was open, said Yvette Rand.

said Yevette, shook her and stared out the sash.

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