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Writing and getting paid for stories online

Accepting all genres except children's literature and science fiction, it publishes in print twice a year, with some stories also published online. They can submit between February and May and every year between August and November. This article shows you how to get paid as an online author. UCANNY is an online magazine for SciFi/Fantasy. Have stories paid online to write.

reading, writing and paying for stories

Reading, writing & getting paid for writing shorts. Everybody has a history. Well, whatever your history is, someone's reading it. It' a tale about Tim, a waitress..... And Cassie was the embodiment of..... It is a typically African/Nigerian..... And Cassie was the embodiment of impeccability. It is a typically African/Nigerian history that shows what a.....

A gifted but only slightly more succesful Jack Black..... This is a routinely conducted survey through a steroid array.....

Twenty-two sites that you are paying to write for them

You would like to be paid to write online, but many sites are looking for experienced collaborators. When you don't have much practice, what can you do? Many small and large sites are available that you will be able to afford regardless of your level of expertise. So if you've ever considered and thought a notepad, I could do that," wrote a letter or a brief invention, "thought you could do a better work on a research articles than what you've been reading online, are an expert lover or more, you could earn hundreds livelihoods or tens of thousands a year.

At the bottom is a 22 page long page long mailing slip. This is not exhaustive, but merely provides a broad spectrum of paid typing options. ODDitude is an online journal that offers strategy and assistance to those who live with ADD and other forms of disability.

Although they usually receive testimonials from reporters and psychiatric practitioners, they are also looking for texts from laity who have experiences with ADSD and other educational difficulties. Items should not exceed 2000 words, and the amount of money paid is determined on the basis of many different parameters such as length and subject area.

So, if you're an aficionado, why not consider writing an ashtray blog post? Alive Now, a bimonthly devotion journal, pays at least $35 for an approved entry. You supply the topics that can help you structuring your entry. Possessed by SparkPeople, a favourite online prevention website, BabyFit concentrates on pregnancy and parenting health and nutrition.

Ifyou can write a well-researched story between 500 and 1200 words, you may be interested in posting one on this page. When you can write modern poetic or poetic works that focus on your own experiences, look at Blue MountainĀ Art. The greetings cards firm pays you $300 for excluding your poems, or $50 for one-time use in a work.

Can you write about her? Entries should not exceed 1200 words. Comstock is looking for great fun and pays you $50 for each one you accept. So if you know computer programing and computer graphics and can write a video clip, this website might be for you.

Dealers Tutorials is looking for list-based items and pays for approved posts. Your greetings department, P.S. Greetings Inc. which produces "everyday" greetings and has an elaborate Christmas programme, accepts entries for their racks and boxes et cetera. Do you like to build or know a great deal about models, automobiles, ships etc. then you can make a little more profit at FineScale Modeler.

The price for this journal is between 750-2500 words and the amount depends on the length of the item. When you have a younger than 18 year old girl, nurse, niece or girlfriend who loves to write, write poems or write stories, she can make a living if her subservience to Girl's Lives is well-received.

Since 1990, Glitter Train has been dedicated to the discovery of new authors and is paying up to 700 dollars for the first release of approved stories. The High Country News is a non-profit journal focused on the American West ("People, Policy, Cultures, and Aesthetics..."). And if you like to write about these subjects, you will be paid for it.

Fifty to $1. Fifty per words (yes, per word), based on your typing background and your experiences with them. When an entry is approved and they choose not to export it, you will be paid a 25% killing charge (a percent of what you would have got if the item had been exported).

If you are looking for a fun way to create a gift, Oatmeal Studios is the place to be. You' re paying $75 for every acceptable notion. Hairpin concentrates on females and shows (mostly) female authors. When you can write on a multitude of subjects - especially in the technical industries - you have a great deal of work to do.

As there are no time limits or orders, you can write at your own time. Clients post the themes they need for their blogs, authors post on the themes they select, and clients select the desired themes. There is no guarantee of sales, but most authors have an adoption ratio of 90%.

Eulogy postcard publisher, Smarty Alex, is looking for entries that are "funny, nervous and risky.... current, fun, intelligent, ironical or sexual-evocative. "The reimbursement will be reviewed as soon as a motion is passed. Smithsonian Magazine, recognised for its scientific, artistic, historical and popular cultural exhibitions, will be paying writers whose contributions are accept.

Tough numbers are difficult to come by, and as you can guess, they get a great many entries, but it looks like an item could make up to $1500 for a item they like. The company is a paid subscriptions website and a publishing house that focuses on stories about travelling.

You are looking for stories and stories that are not known. Tales should be between 1000 and 3000 words long. Artworks that are approved will be awarded a fee of $50. Celebrated on a monthly basis, The Secret Place is a prayer composed entirely of free authors. You are paying $20 per acceptable offering of contemplation, which should be about 150-200 words.

Sun is an ad-free, paid subscriptions website that concentrates on many facets of the personal gaming world. You even have a free annual subscribtion to your journal. It really is the tip of the iceberg and many authors, myself included, have had good reviews and benefited from the supplement.

Did you make any money with your letter? Such as this one?

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