Write Stories for Money

Writing stories for money

It' a simple and uncomplicated model that rewards authors every time someone reads a new chapter in their story. Post stories for money Uk. The five parenting sites distribute cash for accepted submissions. Working at home makes you money no matter where in the world you are! Earn money by writing your own & let Kindle & iPad users buy your eBook in online stores!

Catch the payoff to write for these businesses

You get hired to write: Following organizations are accepting contributions and paying free authors and blogs for their work. You can also get a subscription to HelloSPON, an affiliate agent that charges you for posting your article on your blogs. Gain instant access to my member resources library with free tools to make your blogs + biz!

Please verify your e-mail to verify your Toolkit account. I am here to help you build and monetise your awe inspiring blogs and your on-line game! Gain instant go-to-members resources library with free tools to make your blogs + biz! Please verify your e-mail to verify your Toolkit account.

Bloehost or SiteGround to monetise your blogs?

Where you can post your best work.

That' s why we have made a better home for authors, editors and professionals. It' easy to use, ad-free, and links you to inquisitive, enthusiastic audiences so you can concentrate on what matters: doing your best work. Stories from the affiliate program are honored by those who believe that authors should be remunerated for the value of their idea, not for the amount of publicity they give to the advertiser.

The affiliate program pays the author according to how much the reader is engaged in their work, not according to the click. Monthly we give out the membership fees in relation to the stories and articles she has been reading and clapping for this time. The payment depends on how much you write and how many members are connected to your work.

Proportion of authors who are currently online and have made over $100. It is recommended that you save your best analyses, reports, articles and suggestions for the affiliate program - without lists or lint. The stories that will be posted in the partner program are intended to promote thought, educate, inspire and promote comprehension. There is no two stories the same.

Here is a selection of the latest stories that members loved: You pay your subscriptions directly to the authors whose work you like. What will I earn under the affiliate program? Currently, the authors of the affiliate program are remunerated every single week for how members deal with stories. The $5 per member's per calendar months subscriptions are shared in proportion to the stories each member has written this months.

So, if someone deals with 10 stories in a given time period, their subscriptions are given only to these people. In addition, our writers and trustees give out bonus stories on important subjects they think are of high value. What is the partner program for publication? Currently, the partner program can only accept invitations for publication.

All revenues are directly distributed to the publishers who are in charge of the payment of the authors and participants. Once they have been posted as part of the affiliate program, can I post or delete stories? If you want, you can delete or delete any history, even if it has already been posted. Are non-members able to browse stories posted through the affiliate program?

Non-member users can choose from a selected number of free stories per months, so your stories still get to everyone on the web. To get unrestricted account, subscribers must switch to a subscription for $5/month. But you only make money if you become involved in your work as a member.

That' s why we're creating a place where you can exchange your thoughts and be recompensed for the value you add. Our aim is to provide a rewarding place for authors according to the level of insight they gain and not according to the impression they gain for advertisements. Are you a keen author, philosopher or narrator who wants to concentrate more on idea and less on click s, then we sincerely invite you to join us.

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