Write Start

Writing Start

Write Start Program is a comprehensive, activity-based program in which first grade students learn handwriting and writing. What is the best way to educate children who like to write? The handwriting and things we write tell others so much about our character and beliefs. Start Preschool - Home - About us - Classes. The Write-Start Learning Center in Stockton, California (CA).


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Write Start What is it?

Write Start is an extensive, activity-based programme in which first class pupils study hand typing and typing. The Write Start programme brings together ergotherapists and instructors to offer all pupils efficient teaching and individual accommodation for pupils at greater peril of manuscript weakness. It is the aim that the first graders can write legibly and fluently.

The 12-weeks programme includes: promoting self-regulation and self-assessment of schoolchildren. Write Start is designed to suit a variety of skills and can be adapted to the needs of each learner.

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