Write Short Stories and get Paid

Writing short stories and getting paid

Though there is a demand for the publication of short stories, the money is in ebooks. A thought I always have is that writers always get the short end of the stick. Write a Short Story, Get Published & Make Money uses Chris's published stories as case studies to prove that his writing tips work. Note: Do you want to be paid to write in niches other than the fantasy and sci-fi niches? Nowadays you can make a lot of money writing short stories.

¿Get paid to write: A total of 101 websites that charge you $50-$3000 per blog post

We' ve compiled a collection of on-line journals and weblogs that you can buy from $50 to $500 or more per item. When it comes to the subject of literature, we don't all want to talk about the same thing. That' s why we looked high and low to find pages you are paying for items on various subjects.

In this way you can get a literal payment for writing about everything, even your own world. To make it easy for you, we have categorised them all according to themes and histories they like. They' re paying about $150 for items. You particularly like to read reports that have been created on the basis of your own experiences.

Authors are known to have recieved 220 for their property items (with item length around 1000 words). Your public consists of those who are mostly looking for ways to get money for travelling - photography, reports, guides, cruise ships, etc... It also publishes brief feedbacks with experts working in sectors that allow them to get paid while travelling.

From $50 to $200 per item you can get anywhere. It is Alaska Airlines' in-house in-house publication. You' ll receive between $150 and $700 for each entry. You are looking for authors with innovative thoughts and hints. It is an in-flight journal that more than 1 million travellers per month reads and finds the journal in the seats of Air Canada airplanes and in Maple Leaflets Leaf? and selected Star Alliance lounge sites around the globe.

The HEM is a quarterly in-flight mag for Horizon Air. More than half a million travellers are reading the journal every months. You' re paying $100 for small items. Features items (usually much longer) you make about $450. Of all the in-flight journals, Delta Sky is one of the best-known.

You can write a brief (100 words) or long (2,000 to 4000 words) essay. Like the name says, this is a mag for RV-enthusiasts. And, as you can guess, they want items related to the RV life style. Wages range from $100 to $900. A very interesting fact is that under certain conditions they might already be accepting previously posted items.

Your policy page says that you will be viewing items that have already been posted elsewhere: The author has only once-only copyrights or wrote consent to resell the item without reproduction. From 4100 to $300 per item can be expected anywhere. It is a journal of the Salvation Army that has been appearing for over 135 years!

Pays per word: They are accepting items written on real histories of individuals who, through their beliefs, have reached certain objectives, overcome barriers or learnt the lesson. They will be charged after the deposit has been approved. When your contents are adopted, it will be part of the famed chicken soup for the Soul books.

And, yes, you can sit back and watch your work for a few weeks and even a year or two before the next issue of the volume is out. They can also be used for poetry. You will receive $200 when you post your history or your poetry about a year after the publication of the work.

It is devoted to the adult Christians. A $125 payoff is available for brief items ranging from 750 words upwards. Longer essays (1400-1600 words) go for $375. Accept publications on subjects such as finance, healthcare, business, eating, travelling, relationships and more. Since 7 January 2010 they no longer accept shorts.

This is a multi-award-winning sci-fi journal (including 3 Hugo Awards). You have a range of 1000 to 16000 words for each item. You' ll get 10 per work for the first 5000 words and 8 for each work over 5000. It is probably the most commercial success with a large community of fans from around the world.

Here you can enter your story in order to take full benefit of the surprisingly large audience. Christian Science Monitor covers everything modern, and they usually have a light sense of nationalism. Sun Magazard is an stylish journal with a great penchant for literature. Typically a non-fiction item can cost between $300 and $2000.

Detailed items range from $350 to $500. They' re paying $50 for four really brief amusing tales. The price for full-length items increases to about $100. Readers' Digest is actually well known for its readers' tales. It' not a great thing that they are always looking for new tales and more.

You' re paying $100 per item, regardless of length. It is a magazin for schoolteachers. AER is a bi-monthly journal financed by the Foundation of Educators. Receive up to $300 per approved item. Earn $25 for meditation-related items and $100 for feature-length items. Quiet Hour, published every three months, contains necdotal tales, each to be concluded with a pray or citation.

Receive $315-$420 for an item length of 1,500-2,000 words. You may like thoughtful and compelling tales about the disability population in general or true tales about certain people with disabilities and their live. When you have interesting things to say about drums, you get $50-$300 for each item.

They are also looking for authors who are either sight indisposed or not. You' re paying $100 for posts posted on your blogs. The aim of this journal is to summarise and consolidate all aspects of the cruise industry. This is a magazin about the topic boat driving in Main! Do you like brief items from 500 to 1500 words?

Between $250 and $500 per item can be expected. Like the name suggests, this is a rural life style devoted to the rural world. You will receive a one-time charge of $100 per approved contribution. This is how they are paying off: iWorkWell is fully committed to people work. You can earn $200 per item here if you are in the HR-busines.

Payouts are 7-12 Cent per item, but payments are limited to 25,000 words, which means you can make up to $3,000 per item. A $75 fee is charged for the item you accept. When you can make light-hearted but useful educational advice, you will receive $100 for your item.

Anything that' educationally related, you can do. You' ll get $150 for every 1200 words. That kind of story they like: You don't say the fee, but I've been hearing everywhere from $150 to $2000 per item. Payments can be up to $300 per item. You promote individual histories of education, marriages, relationships and dates.

You' re paying $300 per approved item. MacMillan, the beloved publishing house, operates this Heroes and Heartbreakers series. In general, they record 15k-30k words. Faithful to its name, the journal is always on the lookout for interesting and interesting facts and tales in Italy. You are looking for items with a length of 800 to 11000 words. Is the Canadian journal that focuses on the Vancouver Island arts world.

Receive $125 to $200 per mail. You will receive $150 to $400 for small entries. The wages for full-length plays range from $500 to $700. By their policy, the default price per unit is $600, the features price is $800. In 1859 Oregon's Magazines celebrated the story and way of life of the area. The Colorado Life Mag is devoted to the state of Colorado, and the mag uses smart and colourful story telling to highlight the many rides in the state.

Prices range from $75 to $125 for shorts and $130-$975 for feature-length items. One of Alaska Magazine's most famous narratives describes Alaska in general. Payments can be up to $1,500, depending on the length of the item and its photos. It is a lifestylesazine for the members of the non-profit co-operatives in South Carolina.

SC History Departments: Two page story about interesting places in South Carolina. The Douglas is a financial journal aimed at the municipality in the south of Vancouver Island. Tariffs for brief items are 35 to 40 per item. Larger ones (e.g. over 600 words) can earn up to $250 per item.

Rates are $0. 25 per word, with a 9000 words lid, so most you make is $2,250 for a single item. The Cricket Magazines is a sport mag for young people. There' s a 2000 words boundary for feature-lengths. It' a journal about fish and game. You' ll earn $300-$700 for each item you accept.

Between 4150 and $300 per item can be earned. This is a birdwatching and birdwatching mag. You will receive $400 for each approved item or photographic essays. Sports Fishing Magazin provides a good price for freelancers. It' paying $250 for small items and $750 for long, full-length items.

You don't remark the payment, but according to WritingCareer.com, they are paying anywhere from $100 to $800 per item. It is a journal of the United States Trotting Association. Obviously, this is a very specialized topic, so you need to know what you are speaking of to be public. Wages vary between $100 and $500, according to length.

It is issued by the United States Dressage Federation. Depending on the length and complexity of your entry, you can count on receiving $40 to $400. Bimonthly journal for wood boats owner, builder and designer. You' re paying $250 to $300 for items containing about 1000 words. Corresponding to the journal Black Belt Journal is the oldest Martial Art journal in the U. S. You are paying $150 to $300 per item.

It is an education journal for young children that publishs only six editions per year. You may like brief posts that are between 500 and 750 words long. You' ll get 5 per words. Established in 1973, the journal is aimed at training, hunting and jumping, events, fox hunting and obstacle races. There are no length limitations, but a standard item contains approximately 200 words.

However, you are paying a generous $250 to $1,000 per accept. Payouts can be up to one buck per words, depending on the issue's complexities and your qualifications as an author in this particular area. Features articles: $600-$1250, Expedition Pieces: $850 to $1,000 plus $75 per image publish.

If you are a photographer, they also charge for images - anywhere from $50 to $300 per one. This is a equestrian sports fan publication, as you have probably already found out, and as such they want contents about equestrian sports. Your checkout range from $25 to $400, subject to the length of the item, division and research.

This book is just right for you if you want to know or want to talk about wood processing. You' re paying up to $250 for a 600-word story. Up to $400 can be earned for a feature-length item. Fill in the following blank to give'em a short abstract of what you want to cover, what part of the magazin it is meant for, and a small backdrop about yourself.

You' re entitled to up to $150 per album. The SpinOff is the magazin for manual yarn and fiber weaving. They may be expecting between $250 to $800, depending on the tales discussed and also on the writers' credentials. The Artist's Magazines is one of the largest publishers devoted solely to the arts, with a print run of 60,000 copies.

Following their rules (found in this PDF,) they are paying up to $600 for features items that can reach from about 500 to 2,000 words. If you can put something about this handicraft, you can make 10 per hand. ¢ 25 Cent per words for printed history. You have a few different rows and they are different depending on which row you use.

Launched eightfold a year, it is designed to help authors improve their writing and publishing. Thus if your initial item was purchased by you for $300 and they choose to re-print it, you get 25% of $300 which is $75. It is an incumbent sci-fi story writing industry.

It' a 64-page bi-monthly journal with almost 20,000 members. Short items cost $150 to $200. Item in feate-length bring $300-$600. Like the name says, Hobby Farms is a hobby farm journal. While they don't release their prices, so they are expecting negotiations, but they are known to charge up to $300 for feature-lengths.

You' re publishing three kinds of content: iPhone Life Magazine has a large audiences of enthusiastic iPhone user. So, if you can post about the iPhone OS and everything related to it, this is a good option. Await between $50 and $100 each. You like items with a length of 700 to 1200 words.

Await between $50 and $150 per accept. While a full self-paced guide will bring you $200, short tutorials can bring you about $100. Items should contain at least 350 words. You' re paying $50 to $100 per item. There, you have it, over 100 on-line journals and periodicals that you are paying to post on a wide range of topics.

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