Write Short Stories and get Paid

Writing short stories and getting paid

A handful of writers in this genre earn enough to feed themselves by selling their stories alone. Write down when they are open again and try your stories and articles. LES Than Three Press is currently looking for submissions of romance stories to their upcoming LGBTQIA anthology, A Fool For You. When you' re thinking about taking part in our short story competition, you should get a few tips to stand out from the crowd. On the quest for the best websites for writers and how to get paid to write stories this article shows you some tips Many people write short stories.

Twenty-four short stories publishers paying 0+ per book

Here's a listing of publisher of short books who are paying $500 for their work. A few of them are paying more - all of them are paying at least $500 for some of the tales they are publishing. The focus of this listing is on publishing companies of shorts. Several of them have impending filing dates.

You will receive 15k-30k words of text. For more information, please see the submissions policy. One of the most important journals in the world. You' re paying 7-12 eurocents a week, up to 25,000 words. You want to tell a story that appeals to "all imaginary and sci-fi readers".

" You are particularly interested in submitting more funny tales. For more information, please see the submit policy. Floreside is a shortfiction journal with two aims: Post great tales and reward authors well. You are paying above the regular tariffs for your class of magazines: Five pennies a week, up to 5,000 words.

Their goal is to release 10,000 new words of literature every months - the authors will have to foot the bill for every one. You have a brief deadline for submissions every year. For more information on how to submit, please see their entry instructions. The journal Cicada Magazines is a young adults' journal with a predominantly youthful readership. "You' re going to be paid $0. 25 a week, up to 9,000 words, which means a $2,250 limit.

Guidelines for submission. The Cricket Magazines is a young readers' publication for the 9-14 age group. They' re paying $0. 25 a second. They do, however, sometimes serialise up to 6,000-word histories. Guidelines for submission. SUN is a nice, ad-free journal that produces literature. The Sun is an impartial, advertising-free monthical that for forty years has been creating the glamour and pain of humanity with words and photos.

" They' re paying up to $1,500 for belles. Deadline for submissions. Klarkesworld is a sci-fi journal that has won many prizes, among them 3 Hugo Achievements. You' re paying $0. 10 a week for the first 5,000 words and $. 08ยข a year. Deadline for submissions. Harper's Magazines is "the oldest consumer journal in America.

" As a rule, they write provocative papers on current topics. You will also receive unasked belletristic contributions. They have written many well-known authors, among them Jonathan Franzen, Annie Dillard and David Foster Wallace. Whilst they do not disclose their prices, they are expecting them to be very good. Guidelines for submission. New Yorker is probably the most lucrative publication in the game.

They have been a basic foodstuff of the US literature world for many years. You will be asked to agree to receive unasked textbooks. Guidelines for submission. Asimov' s sci-fi is an incumbent publishing house for sci-fi. You' re paying 8-10 Cent per words for a story up to 20,000 words. Guidelines for submission. The Analog is a journal for sci-fi and facts.

You' ll be charged 8-10 eurocents per week for up to 7,500 words and 8. Five pennies a week for longer tales. You are publishing "stories in which one of the aspects of futuristic sciences or technologies is so integrated into the action that if that point were to be eliminated, the action would break down. "For more information, please see the application instructions.

Stratege-Horizons releases spectral notion, "broadly formulated". "They are paying 8 cent per words, up to 10,000 words, although they favour tales under 5,000 words. You have a thorough policy page that describes in detail what you do not want to/do not want to public. Please click here to view their entry instructions. The Lightspeed Magazine wants to release inventive sci-fi and phantasy tales.

" You' re paying 8c per week, up to 10,000 words. For more information, please see the submissions policy. The Apex Magazine releases sci-fi, phantasy and scare. So you can get an impression of what they are publishing directly on their website. They' re paying 6 eurocents per week, up to 7,500 words, plus 1 eurocent per week if they turn it into a blogodcast.

Deadline for submissions. UCANNY is an on-line mag for SciFi/Fantasy. You are a publisher of literature, poesy and non-fiction. "They are looking for "complicated, experiential tales and verses with beautiful essays, energy and fantasies that evoke powerful emotion and defy faith". You' re paying 8 cent a second. For more information, please see the submissions policy.

OnStory is a quarterly printed version of a film. You' ll take any kind of story,'as long as it's good. For more information, please see the submissions policy. Tales should be "aimed at an audiences of teenagers" and must also be composed by teenagers.

For more information, please see the submissions policy. The InterGalactic Medicine Show brings out science fi lm tales with up to 17,500 words. You' re paying 6 cent a second. Asimov, Tolkien, Yolen and Hobb are authors who are exemplary in what they are looking for. For more information, please see the submissions policy. The Pulp Literature is a nice journal that produces literature of all kinds.

He also publishes graphical books and illustration. You are not only looking for "Pulp Fiction". "They want amusing, open to the public tales in all styles. You are afraid of "downer" tales and are looking for tales with exciting plot and good personality growth. You' re paying 7 cent a week for the first 7,000 words.

For more information, please see their entry instructions. "You' re paying 4 cent (Australian) per words, up to 10,000 words. For more information, please see the submissions policy. UNIDENDITED FINNY unidendited finny objects is an annually Anthologie of the humorvollen Sci-Fi / Fantasy. You' re paying 10 cent a second. For more information, please see the submissions policy.

Blind-spot wants to see sci-fi and phantasy tales up to 10,000 words long. You' re paying $0.08 per words and don't take multi sign-ups. Learn more about Blind Spot and how to register. MAD4 is an upcoming collection of collaborative writing of obscure or spectacular shorts.

In accordance with their directives "the only necessary choirality in cooperation itself.... several heads work together to produce something completely new. "You' re paying 6 cent a week, divided between the writers. You' ll be able to take up to 20,000 words. For more information, please see the submissions policy.

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