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Writing sentences

Sentence writing. Sample sentences with the word write. Writing example sentences. Tips for Tutors; Show Answer Sheet - Sentence Structure.

This is an activity to practice writing your own sentences. Though written like a sentence, a fragment is only a part of a sentence - like a phrase or a subordinate sentence.

Writing a good sentence (with 5 examples)

Write these web pages at last. Are you able to make your contents easily readable, appealing and inspiring? How's a phrase good? Allow yourself a jar of Rioja Reserva wine and take a seat on your favourite couch to enjoy the reading of the text you have been given by a mate. If you' re so absorbed in your text, it's no problem to get through it.

Sixty-three words in a phrase? Now, picture yourself reading the first of more than a hundred e-mails in your mailbox at your desktop. Please note that you can just send a brief e-mail message to them. If you write for a task-oriented audiences, you have to work much harder to get their spot.

You must be precise. In order to prevent wishy-washy language, you should include facts in your sentences. Concentrate on your readers. It is a cosy chat with your readers. Dramatize your contents with actions. Maintain your mean record length at a max of 14 words. In the following example, the words are on general 9 words per phrase, so they are easily readable.

Remove any unnecessary words. The succinctness is not about the length of a phrase. One long phrase can be succinct if every single term is pertinent and gives significance. Adaptable Palms Deflector knows immediately whether your pencil or your hands are in contact with the side. Put your hands on the monitor, write from any corner.

Four sets. What makes these sentences good: In this section we clearly focus on the scanner and list several advantages of handshield. Adaptable Palmo-Suppression immediately knows whether your pencil or your hands are in contact with the side. They can put their hands on the monitor and write from any corner.

Its advantages show an excellent mixture of issues you can prevent - no confusion of your hands with the style, no need for adjustment, no set-up - and good reasons to write from any point of view, just remember to create on a tray. Seven movements. What makes these sentences good: Both opening rows and the interrogative The Score? could all be striked out by your high schools instructor because they're outdated.

However, these fractured sentences are adding a vibrant rythm to Apple's work. and you' ll listen to what I mean. The lyricists from Mac are the master of fractured sentences. Specifically, the tech explanations are three easy sentences that explains why the iPad Air 2 is slimmer (because it merges three levels into one) and why the screen is better (no voids, no reflection internally).

At the end of the text, the final line will return to the user, telling them what it means for the user to have a better visual. It uses the strength of three advantages in a series ( "colours, contrasts and images"). Six sentences. What makes these sentences good: This first phrase is very brief and makes it easier for the readers to read the next phrase.

Smile when you are reading this, too? Three sentences. But why these sentences are good: How concrete can one become? That record we send bragworthy presents for blokes is more convincing after explaining what they don't do. For example, notice the term bragworthy-after some lexicons it is not even a name.

Four sets. What makes these sentences good: Would you like to talk to your readership? Don't wavy sentences to your readership.

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