Write own Book

Writing your own book

Focus for these weeks Smorgasbord free homeschool curriculum is to get the children to write a book. I deliberately chose a different approach to writing the book than my other novels. When you are payed to type, you do not have the contents of

Leibniz researcher Hartmut Ilsemann ran Shakespeare's play through a computer programme. That Shakespeare's work is not there to be complained about being processed like this, but what if I've run this kind of test on the writings of live history? Is that a correct use of your script?

They do not see it as a way of dealing with a single work that is "in its own right". Their" meticulously elaborated arguments" should not be subjected to" atomization and acquisition by others" ("Open Acces Monography could take us off a cliff", Opinion, 27 July). It' s difficult not to say that Deegan is essentially not so much against Open Account than against the letter itself.

Supporters of open admission have the rule that officials whose agreements give them enough written notice are no longer the proprietors of this document because they are remunerated for it. There is no way that a fiscal supervisor or policeman can take for himself what he writes for his work, so why should they?

Certainly graduates have great liberty in choosing their subjects, and their letter is more "written" than that of other civil servants, which is usually anonym. Teachers who think this way must make this case plain. You have to understand why it is not unfair that our colleges have to buy their staff to type and then buy back the same book from publishing houses to fill their library.

Graduates may have the feeling that they have to gamble this match for the purpose of professional promotion, but that is no excuse to maintain the state quo in scientific publication. In view of these assertions, those opposed to Open Accessibility usually resort to one last defence: that graduates should be writing their own book in their own times, not in those of their universities.

When we call this "overtime", as the UK University and College Union does, we recognise that authoring is part of our contractual work and not a sideline. Even though only graduates who have not given any research lessons at all in their agreements can truly assert that their works were written entirely in their own lifetime and are therefore their own possession.

All others should recognize that the general population is paying for our works and therefore does not have to buy them again to use. Apart from everything else, there is an indisputable case for Open access abstracts from a legal worldview. GABRIEIEL Egan is a Shakespeare study teacher and head of the Centre for Text Study at the University of De Montfort.

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