Write or Writes

Writing or writing

""How many books has Georges Simenon written? Inferred forms: writing, writing, writing, writing. I' m writing; you write; he/she writes;

we write; you write; they write. Me, write. You, write. He, she, she, writes. We, you, write, she, write. with a pen, pencil or other instrument or means, or like a pencil or the like: He writes with a pen.


Ver (used with object), typed or (archaic) typed; spelled - ten or (archaic) spelled; typed. to draw or shape on the top face of a piece of matter (characters, lettering, words, etc.), such as with a stylus, Pencil or other tool or means; to label: To write your name on the blackboard. to print or write a report; to fill in the empty fields of (a paper form) by letter: to write a cheque. to carry out or Produzieren by putting words, numbers etc. to write two copy of a deed.

write a note to a colleague. producing as an writer or composer: to write a song; to write a work; to track down, highlight or write on significant people: to cause them to be obvious or unmistakable:

He has honesty on his face. Computer. for transferring (information, files, applications, etc.) from a memory to a second memory or media. bourse. for sale (options). to sign. verse (used without object), typed or (archaic) typed; writ-ten or (archaic) typed; writ-ing. to track or make signs, words, etc..

using a crayon, graphite or any other tool or means, or like a crayon or the like: he writes with a crayon to write as a job or profession: Writes for the Daily Inquirer. to write down your idea, to write a note or mail, or to send you a letter:

When you get work, write to write or work as a novelist or playwright. Write on a derivative memory media or editing media. Write down, write down; write down; write down. Write to a less smart readers or to a less smart audience: Writes in, votes (a nominee who is not on the ballot) by putting his name on the voting paper:

Don't make any correction to the caboose to order something by mail: Write down to delete an item from an existing record as unclaimed and uncollectible debts. to consider it valueless, missing, outdated, etc.; choose to forget: to write off your poor experiences. to amortize:

Write, write, write, write; write in full condition; complete state; deplete the capacities or ressources of by overwriting: - The new equipmentfind: - The new equipment was depreciated in three years: He' s just another writer who wrote himself out:

Produce a statement for publication in a descriptive document or statement. Composing, writing, composing, designing, creating. I write so fast, it's because you can't leave the state. We' re going to let the wind flow through our enclosed teeths and write "S." But have you ever thought about what happens when you write a note?

I' m so glad I didn't write my dad breaking this thing off. I can tell you that he can write and write like most men. v. Old Englisch write "to scores, outlines, draws the figures of", later "to put down in writing" (class I strongly ver; past sense wrat, past participle writeen), from the proto-Germanic *writanananic "tear, scratch" (cf.

Ancient Frisian writing "write", Old Norse writing "tear, scrape, write", Old Norse writing "write, scrape, outline", Old High German writing "Rizan "write, scrape, tear", rip in English "tear, drag, drag, draft, shape"), external relations doubtful. In most I.E. tongues, words for "writing" initially mean "carving, scratching, cutting" (cf. Latin scribes, Grecian Grapho, Sanskrit rikh-); a few words mean "painting" in the original sense (cf. Gothic melancholy, Old Church Sami Pisatis and most of the contemporary Slav cognats).

Transcription (something) of (1680s) was initially from the bookkeeping; the pictorial meaning is captured from 1889. The entry "unlisted candidate" dates from 1932.

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