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The Hermit is a secure, private writing application for everyone who likes to write, from the critic to the prospective author. Freewrite is an intelligent typewriter based on trouble-free writing. It is an excellent productivity tool for any prospective or experienced author. You can write about a number of places online for free. Compile the script, prepare the shooting and take your actors and crew into production.

Her place to write. Complimentary online writing application and pen pal platform. - recluse

The Hermit is a personal, confidential authoring tool for anyone who enjoys to write, from a critic to a prospective author. It' an online log that keeps all your personal and secret thoughts safely, a reflecting log where you can keep a note of all your feelings and your experiences, or maybe even an endless piece of electronic vellum for the novel you've always wanted to write!

Everything of your activities and contents that are saved on Hermit's server are completely encoded - so everything remains safe from inside and outside. In combination with our auto-save function, everything you enter is saved on Hermit's server so that you do not loose any information. The Hermit breaks down all levels of complexness and offers a nice, minimalist design to optimise your typing feel.

Hermit's Library is the ideal place to make your fonts public. They can be easily accessed on their telephones or computer in a nice, contemporary design. The Hermit user can choose the text they like to rate and encourages future writers. Would you like to know how many readers have seen your work?

The Hermit is a very versatile plattform with customers from over 160 countries. If you get a pen-pal you have to give 12 before you can view it. There' s a great deal of commotion about having a Pen-Pal. Apart from your user name and the countries you come from, your Pen-Pal will know nothing about you.

You have full command of your private sphere.

Best-of-breed portable typewriter & word processor

The best keypad for typing with genuine mechanic buttons. "Thirty five years after the laptops were born and 25 years after Wi-Fi was born. "Freewrite is amazing and got some impressive nodding from other natives in my Eckcafé."

"The fact that it was specifically developed to distract you from distraction is very important to me as an author and I was able to quickly start a writing and I could imagine that I would finish a novel about this without much effort and with much pleasure".

"A part of his charms is that he is throwing himself back on a mechanic keypad as he would have done before.... and the keypad is the sky." "You don't write a document or a story on the machine, but rather "drafts", a word that underlines the timid character of the copy printed on a freewrite.

Forced by freewriting, authors dedicate themselves to a principle they often share but seldom accept: first let the words soar. It works perfect inside or outside, online or off. Leaving your phone at home and writing where you like most. The freewrites ability to connect to the web in the clouds makes it easier for authors to save or restore their work.

Upload your designs to our Postbox Web application with 256-bit SSL encoding and synchronize them with your preferred utilities such as Dropbox, Evernote and more. Freewrite to duplicate your number of words per hour. Each freewrite item is conceived to help you find your river and remain there.

Buy a freewrite today at a discounted rate and join the tens of thousands who are already removing distraction from their work.

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